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How Event Conferencing Can Elevate Your Next Call

event conferencing

Open communication between team members and executives can be difficult for companies, especially for those who operate on a global scale. And whether you’re hosting a quarterly town hall or an annual investor relations call, keeping the call professional and …

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New PGi Customer Survey Suggests the Desk Phone is Dying

In a recent pulse survey of PGi customers and collaboration users, it was found that desk phones are slowly disappearing as more knowledge workers are choosing mobility. The survey found that 60 percent of respondents said they only have a …

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5 Things You Should Never Do on a Conference Call

conference call

Proper etiquette is crucial in all walks of life, but there’s no place where good manners are more important than on a conference call. Conference calls present participants with a field of awkward landmines which can detonate with the slightest misstep …

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3 Tips for Evaluating Audio Conferencing

audio conferencing

In spite of the advances in communication technologies of late—face-to-face video, instant messaging, mobile applications and more—it can be easy to forget that audio conferencing is still the cornerstone of collaboration. All of the video chats and online meetings in …

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Audio Conferencing in the Mobile Age

The evolution of mobility and cloud-based technology has dramatically altered our expectations for user experience. All the information we could ever want in our personal lives is never more than a tap or swipe away. And finally, after years of …

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Ways to Avoid a Conference Call Horror Story

Conference calls are a key element to getting business done in the modern workplace. Whether it’s over audio or an online meeting tool, there’s always an opportunity for something to go horribly wrong on a conference call. Sure, I’ve been …

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Digital Nomad Tip #10: Invest in Better Mobile Meetings

You might be 5,000 miles away, but no one has to know about it. As Sci-Fi technology comes to life, business professionals and Domestic CEOs alike can take location out of the conversation and conduct business wherever and whenever. As …

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I Hope Your Knowledge Workers are Outfitted to be Mobile and Flexible, Collaborating and Meeting Anywhere

In a recent Forbes article, Forrester Analyst TJ Keitt challenged businesses and their IT organization to assess if they are ready to support a flexible and mobile workforce outside of the firewall. “The bottom line is that if businesses are …

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