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Why First Impressions Matter: Five Tips on How to Brand Your Webcast

Five Tips on How to Brand Your Webcast

Webcasts form excellent lead generation tools for your organization. They can also help your brand build authority and increase visibility. But an unprofessional webinar can have the opposite effect than what you want — it can erode trust and create a negative impression. To make a good first impression with your webcast, focus on every element of branding, from the …

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Deliver a Rich Customer Experience to Increase Revenue and Customer Loyalty

This last Sunday, Seth Godin blogged: “It’s easier to love a brand when a brand loves you back.” I couldn’t agree more. It’s never been more important to cultivate genuine customer relationships. Over 63% of buyers chose helpfulness and knowledge when selecting a vendor. With the right building blocks, an introductory meeting can turn a prospect into a loyal customer—but …

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