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Mission: #TakeBack60, Capture Lost Time in the Workday

more time in the day

We’re continuing our mission this summer to help employees everywhere #TakeBack60 minutes. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to subscribe to our blog posts and try at least one workday productivity tip a week. Mission Background In the age of the Internet of Things and mobile online meetings, it seems there’s no longer a separation between a business day …

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The Benefits of Coffee for Productivity and Collaboration

benefits of coffee

It’s your comfortable morning routine, your hangover cure, your afternoon slump remedy, and your late-night work buddy. Like spinach to Popeye, coffee revives our corpse-like limbs from a state of sluggishness to vitality. As many loyal java drinkers know, you can also apply the benefits of coffee to better productivity and collaboration at work. Java for Productivity Here’s what happens …

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The Power of Context: Unlocking the Intelligence of Apps

Agenday Smart Calendar App

In a recent piece for VentureBeat, PGi’s CEO Boland Jones wrote that “…business apps still aren’t smart enough—or, more appropriately, they are ’smart‘ in all the wrong ways.” The heart of making smarter apps comes with context; bringing relevant information to users at relevant times, rather than just bombarding them with features and data or forcing them to do the …

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