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Common Conference Call Problems (& How to Solve Them)

conference call problems

Sound is a fundamental element of everything we do. It dictates how we communicate with colleagues, how we interact with our environment and even how we learn. In the workplace — and during meetings in particular — being able to hear and understand what your colleagues are saying is imperative for collaboration and productivity to prevail. via GIPHY Anyone who …

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8 Levels of Awkwardness on Disastrous Conference Calls

awkward conference calls

Once again, your conference call starts late, runs long and is full of pauses and disruptions, but maybe no one noticed, right? Wrong! Behind the scenes, your meeting participants are wincing, yawning, multitasking and boiling with anger. Drink a cold glass of reality and see the faces behind your disastrous conference calls. Here are eight levels of awkwardness on conference …

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Walter L. Shaw: The Unsung Hero of Communications Tech

walter l shaw

Gates. Jobs. Zuckerberg. Love them or hate them, these names instantly conjure up memories of your first time using Windows, the first time you held an iPhone or the joy of that first friend request. Their contributions to technology and the way we communicate, both at work and in our personal lives, can be seen, used and touched every single …

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In Plain English: Global Conference Calling Explained

Global conference calling sounds great, and it’s a term you hear often. But what exactly does it mean, anyway? In the USA and Canada, most of us are quite familiar with the regular old conference call- dial a toll or toll free number, enter a passcode, and you’re “good to go.” When it comes time for someone outside North America …

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In Plain English: The "boings" (tones) in conference calls?

Conference calls are a staple of the American workplace. Sometimes though, little things about them can drive us crazy. Like the “boing”. You know, the electronic tone that alerts you when someone has joined your call. For most people, it’s a great feature which helps you keep track of when people join or leave your call. Sometimes though, that “boing” …

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