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The Art of the Cold Email

cold email

Cold emailing is one of the most difficult sales communications to pull off. Why? For starters, you have no history or connection with your audience, no real way of knowing what may resonate with them. Second, because you lack a relationship with this person you’re missing out on non-verbal feedback, so you can’t modify your approach in the moment of …

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Why Overreliance on Email is Holding Your Business Back

According to The Radicati Group, over 100 billion business emails are sent every single day. For reference, that’s roughly around 14 emails per human being currently walking the earth. It’s an insane deluge of information and communication. And for many businesses, that deluge remains their primary communication method. While all of the bells and whistles surrounding email have evolved quite …

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The Email Mistake Horror Show, Starring Me

You always hear about those nightmarish work stories that haunt you to the core. Like the one where you’re asked to share a presentation you didn’t think was due for another week. Or the one where you’re stuck in the elevator with the CEO of your company and you suddenly have the intellect of a potato. Don’t worry, I think …

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Let’s Get Personal and Stop Email Overload

As a Communications Manager at PGi, I’m passionate about writing but not when it comes to day-to-day communications with my co-workers. My Outlook inbox fills up daily at an alarming rate. That’s why I’m a big proponent of picking up the phone and calling my co-workers when I have a question or need to briefly discuss something. At the same …

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