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The rising cost of utilities in America: Infographic

Bills for basic gas and electricity reached record highs in 2011, and the trend isn’t likely to end any time soon. See where rates are rising and why in this infographic from One Block off the Grid.                                               …

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Every day green: Nine easy choices businesses can make to help the environment today

Is your business confused about how it can “go green”? Initiating an environmental response to the green imperative—whether through a formal RFP or by informal employee practices in the workplace—can be challenging. However, by making small choices and building upon them daily, businesses can establish goals that promote a greener future. Planet wellness is understandably a complex issue, but your …

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Gradual Green: Easy green tips for your office

As Kermit the Frog tells us, “it’s not easy being green,” but even small steps—both as individuals and as businesses—can improve not only the environment, but also office efficiency. Conscious awareness is the key to gradually greening your world and instilling healthier sustainable practices. Start recycling If you aren’t recycling already, start. Begin with the most common materials: paper, cans …

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