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5 Must-Read Articles in The Future of Business Collaboration Flipboard

future of business collaboration

Did you know that PGi has its very own Flipboard magazine, conveniently titled “The Future of Business Collaboration?” The Flipboard platform is one of the best applications out there for curating content, and we’ve been leveraging its powerful magazine feature to find and highlight collaboration stories from across the web. Here’s a round-up of some of the most interesting stories …

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Nerd Alert: Defeating FOMO with Content Curation Apps and Tricks

One of the biggest challenges of living in our connected society is wading through the sea of content we’re faced with every day. We are bombarded by content from every direction online. Our friends share funny videos on Facebook, a colleague posts a market analysis on LinkedIn, the non-stop fire hose known as Twitter rolls on—it’s intimidating, but it’s also …

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Nerd Alert: 10 Places I Go for Tech News

talk nerdy to me

I am quite happily the resident nerd on my team here at PGi. I’m a gamer, I obsessively keep up with the latest apps and gadgets, and yes, I’m even the go-to guy for light tech support (have you tried turning it off and back on again?). Recently, I’ve been asked by my team members and other coworkers about what …

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