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‘Like’ this: Facebook and Greenpeace to collaborate on clean energy

Agreement comes nearly two years into Greenpeace’s campaign criticizing Facebook’s coal-powered data centers.                       Photo credit: Pshab/Flickr Facebook and Greenpeace have decided to bury the hatchet and become friends. It’s the end of a two-year feud that led Greenpeace to openly and frequently criticize the social networking giant for using …

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What You Can Do: The Impact of Carbon Offset Purchases

carbon offset

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate at PGi’s #ShiftNYC conference, which was presented in partnership with SocialPeopleTV. I hadn’t traveled for months and relished the idea of visiting New York City, spending four days in a beautiful coworking space, and meeting creative dynamic professionals. Still, I was hesitant—as soon as I got on the plane I knew …

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Carbon Footprint Series Part 2: Impact on Flying

As business develops its reach globally, air travel has increasingly become a necessity rather than a luxury. And yet, climate-change activists around the world are paradoxically reaching out, encouraging consumers around the world to reduce their carbon footprint caused by commercial aviation and find alternative solutions. Air travel contributes to approximately two to three percent of global carbon emissions, but …

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Carbon Footprint Series Part 1: Impact on Driving

Concerns over the environment and the impact human beings have on it—individually and as businesses—grow steadily and have become increasingly complex. It often seems that the more information we have on environmental issues, the less we understand them. Each environmental demand put on the planet is measured in terms of its carbon footprint, defined by the UK Carbon Trust as …

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