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Nerd Alert: Google Glass Tours Atlanta

I have experienced Nerdvana, and its name is Google Glass. The Google Glass team is currently touring the country, giving us regular, non-Explorers a chance to play with the future of wearable technology. This past weekend the team came to my hometown of Atlanta, and so of course I was there bright and early Saturday morning for my chance to …

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Ready Player One and the Immersive Tech of the Future

ready player one

Over the summer, I read the fantastic novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, a story of a recession-ridden future where the Internet and gaming culture have completely taken over the world’s consciousness. Nearly every aspect of society in Cline’s novel—school, shopping, work, gaming, socializing—takes place in a massive, virtual simulation dubbed the “OASIS.” The novel touched on two of …

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Nerd Alert: The Promise and Peril of Wearable Computing

I’m currently somewhat obsessed with the idea of wearable computing. It still feels like such a futuristic, sci-fi concept, and yet every week it seems there’s a new announcement of a company throwing their hat into the wearable ring. Samsung recently announced the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Google Glass is still rolling along in its Explorer program and new apps are …

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Wearable Technology is the Future

I’m extremely excited about the latest trend in gear and gadgets: wearable technology. While there’s certainly a science-fiction aspect to it, smartphones and tablets have made access to technology and information so ubiquitous that the next logical step is to integrate it into our lives in a more user-friendly, unobtrusive way.. There’s a wonderful analogy in the video embedded below …

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Google Gambles on Glass

What is Google Glass, and will it actually be the next big thing? Google’s foray into wearable technology – Glass – is a step toward the dream of ubiquitous computing in which the Internet is available everywhere at all times without the need for interrupting the task at hand. With Glass, Google puts the Internet even closer than your fingertips-right …

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