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Free eBook – The Millennials Career Guide


PGi has just released a brand new, free eBook on Millennials covering how to get the job you want and learning how to keep and maintain that job. As a Millennial myself, I have been through the struggles first-hand. “Millennials are making their mark on the world, with some of the most powerful new business leaders coming from this often …

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Top 10 Gifs for Your Job Search

Out looking for a new job and need a little career pick-me-up? Here are my top 10 gifs for your job search, whether you’re a Millennial looking for your first job out of college or a professional seeing if the grass really is greener on the other side. In either case, happy job hunting! 1. That moment when you find …

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Boomers for Hire: Why Older Workers Can Make Great Job Candidates

encore career

With job growth accelerating, many small businesses are hunting for talented, experienced and affordable hires. And, increasingly, many are finding this skill set among retired Baby Boomers, who want to head back to work—either full-time or part-time—in a second or “encore” career. In fact, Encore.org, a nonprofit that provides resources to make it easier for people to pursue jobs with meaning and continued income …

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