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Nerd Alert: Thoughts on Unplugging from a Smartphone Addict

smartphone addict

It may come as no surprise to you that I’m a wee bit addicted to my smartphone (not sure what gave it away). As much as I love staying tapped in and up-to-date on the latest tech, entertainment, gaming, sports or business news, I’m as guilty as anyone of being too tapped in, to the point of getting sucked in. …

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Nerd Alert: The Wearable War Heats Up with Android Wear

android wear

Wearable technology is a trend that has this nerd very excited for 2014. Technology such as smart glasses and smartwatches raise very interesting possibilities for the future of information, context and communication. While health trackers such as the FitBit® and Nike+ Fuelband have been on the scene for some time now, the latest shots of the modern smartwatch battle were …

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Nerd Alert: Defeating FOMO with Content Curation Apps and Tricks

One of the biggest challenges of living in our connected society is wading through the sea of content we’re faced with every day. We are bombarded by content from every direction online. Our friends share funny videos on Facebook, a colleague posts a market analysis on LinkedIn, the non-stop fire hose known as Twitter rolls on—it’s intimidating, but it’s also …

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Nerd Alert: Google Glass Tours Atlanta

I have experienced Nerdvana, and its name is Google Glass. The Google Glass team is currently touring the country, giving us regular, non-Explorers a chance to play with the future of wearable technology. This past weekend the team came to my hometown of Atlanta, and so of course I was there bright and early Saturday morning for my chance to …

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Nerd Alert: The Coolest Tech from CES 2014

If you’ve been on a tech blog at all in the past week, you’ve been bombarded with images and news of the latest and greatest tech and gadgets out of the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, currently under way in Las Vegas. CES is an international technology trade show where industry giants and startups alike demo new products and prototypes, …

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Nerd Alert: Technology Worth Being Thankful For

As the temperatures drop and the days get darker, it’s that time of year once again to reflect on everything that we’re thankful for. While “family,” “friends,” and “good health” are all givens, let’s be honest: what we really love is our tech! It’s amazing how far things have come even just in my short life to this point. And …

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Nerd Alert: Food Apps for the Culinarily Challenged

As a true tech nerd, whenever I’m faced with a challenge, my first instinct is to seek out an app to help solve the problem. When I wanted to lose weight, I started with a Couch to 5K app and then transitioned to Nike+ to track my workouts. When I wanted to find a way to better manage my bills, …

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Nerd Alert: Science Fiction Stories That Are Now Reality

Pocket-sized computers of immense power. Augmented reality heads-up displays. Graphical interfaces manipulated purely by touch. Just a few short years ago, these ideas were the purview of science fiction stories, impossible visions of a hyper-technological future. Today? These ideas are visions of Thursday. It can be easy to forget, when we’re completely immersed in technology on a daily basis, just …

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Nerd Alert: Productivity Apps I Can’t Live Without

I rely on apps for pretty much everything these days. They tell me when my bills are due, they bring me breaking news, they keep me up to date on sports scores and they keep me productive and efficient in both my personal and professional lives. The wealth of information available to us through the internet is staggering, and apps …

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Nerd Alert: The Promise and Peril of Wearable Computing

I’m currently somewhat obsessed with the idea of wearable computing. It still feels like such a futuristic, sci-fi concept, and yet every week it seems there’s a new announcement of a company throwing their hat into the wearable ring. Samsung recently announced the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Google Glass is still rolling along in its Explorer program and new apps are …

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Nerd Alert: 10 Places I Go for Tech News

talk nerdy to me

I am quite happily the resident nerd on my team here at PGi. I’m a gamer, I obsessively keep up with the latest apps and gadgets, and yes, I’m even the go-to guy for light tech support (have you tried turning it off and back on again?). Recently, I’ve been asked by my team members and other coworkers about what …

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