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Nerd Alert: The Coolest Tech from CES 2014

If you’ve been on a tech blog at all in the past week, you’ve been bombarded with images and news of the latest and greatest tech and gadgets out of the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, currently under way in Las Vegas. CES is an international technology trade show where industry giants and startups alike demo new products and prototypes, …

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Ready Player One and the Immersive Tech of the Future

ready player one

Over the summer, I read the fantastic novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, a story of a recession-ridden future where the Internet and gaming culture have completely taken over the world’s consciousness. Nearly every aspect of society in Cline’s novel—school, shopping, work, gaming, socializing—takes place in a massive, virtual simulation dubbed the “OASIS.” The novel touched on two of …

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