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The Truth About Millennials in the Workforce: 5 Things to Do to Keep Them On Track

millenials in the workforce

Millennials are sometimes referred to as Generation Y or, like generations before them – from Baby Boomers to Generation X – the ‘me generation’ (or by Time Magazine last month, the “Me Me Me Generation”). Magazine editors, at least, view each new generation as more narcissistic than the last, so we won’t dwell too much on Millennial traits and values …

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5 Ways to Make IT Networking Events Less Awkward

socially awkward penguin

As a card-carrying introvert, few things can be as intimidating to me as the networking event. The endless introductions, the small-talk, the nagging curiosity of whether this stranger actually cares or just wants to sell me something — they can be incredibly awkward. I like to think I’ve conquered it at this point, that I’m able to confidently shoot the breeze …

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