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Nerd Alert: 10 Places I Go for Tech News

talk nerdy to me

I am quite happily the resident nerd on my team here at PGi. I’m a gamer, I obsessively keep up with the latest apps and gadgets, and yes, I’m even the go-to guy for light tech support (have you tried turning it off and back on again?). Recently, I’ve been asked by my team members and other coworkers about what …

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The Investor Relations Social Media Revolution

Wall Street

For years now, I’ve been a big proponent of utilizing social media as part of an effective investor relations strategy. The speed and efficacy of a service like Twitter is unmatched for quickly disseminating information, adding an additional layer of engagement alongside earnings calls or interacting with the public through Q&A. Services like StockTwits, founded by my long-time friend Howard …

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The Serious Side of Social Media

Social media has a big impact on (most) of our everyday lives. According to Facebook, they currently have 800 million users worldwide, with about 400 million of those users logging on every day. Though its numbers are significantly smaller, Twitter, with about 56 million active users, is also a force to be reckoned with. For the most part, social media …

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You Can’t Do That on Television! Or Can You?

I’m sure you can relate to an early point in a newfound relationship where you were both still in that phase where you’re not quite sure things will work out. You may ask feeler questions, such as, “What’s your favorite color,” or if they’re OK with watching “rom-coms.” In the past, I’ve asked, “Where do you get your news,” and …

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