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How to Hire Employees Remotely: The Best Practices for Hosting Virtual Interviews

The Best Practices for Hosting Virtual Interviews

With the shift to working remotely, companies have to transfer many of their typical face-to-face processes online, including HR interviews with potential employees. However, much of the interview process involves ascertaining an individual’s “hireability” by analyzing their ability to think on their feet, non-verbal cues, and interactions with others in the office. To seamlessly host virtual interviews and hire employees …

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What is the Future of the Job Interview?

As companies continue to become more global, innovative collaboration tools will also continue to grow in popularity. These global businesses need collaboration tools to keep productivity levels high and maintain open communication with clients and colleagues from around the world. These tools also help with the hiring process. Hiring new talent can be a daunting. However, this process sometimes becomes …

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How HR Can Benefit from Online Meeting Software

new iMeet UI

Human Resource departments are always looking for new ways to reduce the time it takes to fill open positions, simplify benefit communications and cut costs. This can become quite difficult when working with a global company. Luckily, innovative technology has helped many HR departments meet their goals. Online meetings offer a convenient and simple way to communicate with employees no …

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