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New Research May Change the Way You View Millennials


What’s your perception of the millennial generation? That they’re lazy, entitled and unreliable? This set of stereotypes is just scratching the surface of the bad reputation that anyone in their twenties and early thirties is suffering through. As a millennial myself, I always feel the need to defend my peers because I know the mainstream media has portrayed the wrong …

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The American Workhorse: How to Work Smarter Not Longer

Working smarter is an art form, a science, and most of the time a healthy dose of both. Some of us are simply better at working smarter and make it look easy to those not in the know. Working smarter helps to avoid overworking and under producing. When it’s done right, you reap the benefits of more time to focus …

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4 Ways to Avoid a Burnout at Work

I’d like to be transparent for a moment. I really think the age-old adage, “You’ll never a work a day in your life if you love what you do”, is subjective. Every job has its ups and downs, no matter how passionate you are about what you’re doing. There’s always going to be periods where you’re clocking in long hours, …

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Research Shows Overworking Backfires

Working long hours has become the norm for most people. Of all the countries in the industrialized world, The United States is the only nation that lacks laws which require employers to give their employees paid sick or vacation time. Two weeks is the typically the standard and is treated as a luxury for most of us, whereas the rest …

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