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Top 5 Webcast and Virtual Event Trends for 2023

What to Expect from the Virtual Events Industry Post COVID-19

As event strategies become increasingly sophisticated, businesses are moving towards a world of holistic “event-led growth,” encompassing a multi-touch, immersive experience with their audiences throughout the entire buyer and customer journey. In 2022 alone, the events market saw 4% growth, …

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How the Tech Industry Can Benefit from Virtual Events

Whether you run a SaaS firm, provide comprehensive IT solutions to global companies, or develop the latest technology in any industry, you can benefit from webcasts to establish your company as an industry leader. Finding the right solution with the …

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How Video Makes Your Wealth Management Firm Stand Out

With 275,000+ financial advisors in the U.S., how are you differentiating your business from the rest? The wealth management market is vast, with leading industry players boasting over 50,000 individual financial advisors. In a sea of sameness, your financial advisors …

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5 Traits All Great Webcasts Have in Common

Whether you're presenting financial information at a shareholder’s meeting, spearheading a new product launch, or educating your customers on new product features, all great webcasts have a few elements in common. Incorporating these elements into your virtual and hybrid event …

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3 Benefits of Transitioning to Virtual and Hybrid Events


Suddenly, overnight, every single in-person 2020 event had to go virtual. Now, two years later, virtual and hybrid events are the norm. Virtual events offer a ton of benefits to your business, like reduced costs, reduced payroll costs, increased efficiency, …

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Amplifying Sustainability in Your Organization Through Webcasts and Hybrid Events

Are you looking for ways to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint and improve sustainability and accessibility? Companies like yours are increasingly looking to webcasts and hybrid events to reduce their carbon footprint and make events accessible to more people by …

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How to Attract and Retain Talent with Video

what is voip

It’s no secret that recruitment and talent acquisition is tough in a competitive job market. Only 46% of HR professionals in the U.S. are prepared to adapt to a virtual recruiting and hiring process, and The Great Resignation has brought …

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How to Cultivate High-Touch Virtual HR Events

Superior Webcasts and Video Conferences for Any Hybrid Work Model

More and more workers are operating remotely, and employees are increasingly becoming used to interacting over video. However, people-centered human resources events are tough to replicate in a virtual world. Technology glitches, awkward pauses, and two-dimensional events make it tough …

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Key Findings from PGi’s 2020 Digital Communications: Early Adopter Study

digital communications

In February 2020 the PGi team conducted a study to better understand the state of digital communications. While the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed remote work entirely, and perhaps permanently, the study uncovered several interesting findings. These include commonalities between generations …

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Your Guide on How to Work from Home

how to work from home

COVID-19 (coronavirus) has changed the course of work, and possibly changed it forever. As coronavirus cases continue to increase day after day, companies have mandated employees to work from home online in order to flatten the curve.  For many, this …

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Key Findings from The 2020 State of Remote Work

Remote work

The fully remote company, Buffer, makes a laudable workplace research contribution each year. They conduct an in-depth survey of thousands of remote workers. This year, the survey included 3,521 remote work employees across many nations, industries, organizations, and levels of …

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Bridging the Physical/Virtual Event Divide

Virtual event

The concern over coronavirus has taken its toll on events around the world. For example, there have been countless conferences, town halls, sales kick offs and investor meetings cancelled, postponed or transformed all over the world and across all industries. …

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CEOs Reveal the Everyday Habits That Bring Success

It seems like every great thinker in history has something to say about habit. It’s no secret that today’s top leaders and achievers, including CEOs, rely on good habits to stay productive. Here are some of the greatest daily habits …

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Remote Working is Viable, Real and the Future of Work

remote working

The shift to teams remote working is causing a level of anxiety among many organizations. But, if we’re to take an honest assessment of the trend, only the companies unready for change should feel concerned. That was an opinion I shared …

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Who’s Driving the New Technological Revolution?

Technological Revolution

For too long, companies’ IT departments issued a suite of technology tools and mandated employees to use them. But, they put little thought into whether these solutions were correct. Unfortunately, for employees, there was little opportunity to offer feedback and influence …

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4 UC Opportunities to Watch for in 2020

This past year was full of surprises for many organizations, and the biggest revelations centered on a few central themes: worker mobility, the need for improved collaboration, changes in the routine, the need for a better end-user experience, and recognizing …

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Making Your Tech Work For (Not Against) Your Company

Video Conferencing Tools

Most professionals check their email or chat apps every six minutes, and 41% feel that they’re constantly bombarded by digital alerts. That’s the paradox of technology in the workplace—the more powerful your digital tools, the likelier they are to turn into a distraction …

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Opportunities in a Multi-Generational Workforce

Multi-generational workforce

The telephone makes for an interesting comparison point when looking at how members of different generations view technology. Think about it. Someone who entered the workforce in the 1970s used one, as did someone who joined the workforce yesterday. How …

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Unpacking Gen Z and the Modern Workforce

Unpacking the modern workforce

For many years, organizations have focused their attention on millennials, the largest generation in the workforce, at 35% of workers. But now a younger generation of workers, Gen Z, are driving changes in the modern workforce. For starters, they view technology …

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Technology Isn’t a Catchphrase


I’ve talked a lot about how organizations must evaluate technology and deploy the solutions they believe will have the most significant impact on both their businesses and on their teams. They must decide how to implement technologies to advance effective …

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