How to Attract and Retain Talent with Video

what is voip

It’s no secret that recruitment and talent acquisition is tough in a competitive job market. Only 46% of HR professionals in the U.S. are prepared to adapt to a virtual recruiting and hiring process, and The Great Resignation has brought …

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The Ins and Outs of GlobalMeet Webcast’s Enhanced Portal

In the early days of the internet, simply having a website to sell your product or offer your service was enough to attract attention. But in the modern era, it isn’t enough to just have a site; your site also …

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How to Build an Interactive Webcast Experience

Personalizing your Webcast to Drive New Sales

Zoom fatigue is real — 80% of U.S. employees claim to experience “Zoom fatigue,” the phenomenon affecting workers with burnout, stress, and tiredness caused by constantly appearing in video meetings. While 60% of employees say their fatigue stems from meetings …

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The Transformation of Video in Financial Services

It’s no secret video is king — from the explosive growth of video content platforms like Tik Tok to the shift to hybrid work models post-COVID-19, the average consumer watches 84 minutes of video content per day. As a result, …

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How to Use a Webcast for Corporate Communication

Your organization’s Quarterly Business Review or All-Hands Meeting is coming up, and you need to host it online. Instead of feeling stressed and frazzled over presenting virtually now that employees are working remotely, try webcasts for corporate communication. Whether you’re …

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GlobalMeet Webcast Partners with KUDO, Leading Multilingual Interpretation Platform, to Help Customers Reach Diverse, Global Audiences

As more virtual webcasts are broadcasted around the world, live interpretation services are needed to meet the demands of a global audience. An estimated 11 million meetings are held daily, and since 2020, 50% of employees are attending three or …

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Tips on How to Get the Most Out of a Live Event

While you want to present a webcast that attendees enjoy and find insightful, you also want to make sure the event helps you meet your organization’s goals. Whether you’re hoping to increase attendance for demand generation, empower attendees to ask …

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The Importance of Security in Today’s Virtual/Digital World

When hosting a virtual event, it’s important for one to understand the significance of privacy and security breaches in today’s digitalized society. While you may think of privacy and security as similar concepts, they are slightly different. The good news …

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Understanding the Importance of Breakout Sessions

A full day of sessions and learning can be exciting for attendees initially, but as time passes, they can be overwhelmed and find it hard to absorb the information. That’s why in addition to short breaks, it’s important to add …

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How Webcast Technology Is the Future of Continuing Education

With the world changing at a faster pace than ever, education has shifted to hybrid and virtual events meant to make it possible for students to attend no matter where they are. So whether you’re teaching your existing employees new …

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Brand Awareness in the Banking Industry

What sets apart an international banking powerhouse from a small bank? Brand awareness. As a financial institution, you know that constructing a strong brand is critical for getting consumers to know about and have a praising opinion of you. The …

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Upcoming Webinar: The Digital Transformation of High-Stakes Communications

When it comes to communicating key milestones or high-stakes moments, it’s critical for companies to balance transparency and calmness. But that’s become more challenging as in-person meetings wane to accommodate dispersed workforces. Video has become central to remote internal and …

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The Ins and Outs of the Health Insurance Market

There was a time when brand awareness in the healthcare and insurance industries had little to no significance. Patients had little choice about their healthcare provider since it was decided by their insurance which their employer determined. The Affordable Care …

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Every Financial Institution Needs a Webcast

Financial institutions understand the key role investors, employees, and consumers play in perceiving a company. So, whether you are assisting people to buy their first homes or walking a large firm through complex financial procedures, you want to make sure …

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World Telecommunications Day

Smiling man making hand gestures looking at computer monitor

Established in 1969 by the United Nations, World Telecommunications Day highlights the most popular global technologies and raises awareness of how the internet helps advance international society. What Is World Telecommunications Day? World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) helps …

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This World Earth Day, Plan to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with a Hybrid Event

You know that virtual events — just like in-person meetings and events — require energy in the form of electric use, equipment, and typically even office space. But you might be surprised to discover that the carbon footprint of a …

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Discover the Joint Power of GlobalMeet Webcast’s Integration with Hive Streaming

Using video platforms to connect with employees or customers may have peaked in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s unlikely to drop in popularity anytime soon. ® Webcast, in partnership with Hive Streaming allows you to analyze your efforts …

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How Hive Video Analytics Can Power Actionable Webcast Insights

Hive Streaming Logo

Webcast insights can be powerful as they help you decide what is working and what aspects need improvement to better connect with the audience. Hive Video Analytics by Hive Streaming offer a new, innovative way to understand and optimize the …

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How to Create a Happy Workforce & Reduce Churn in a Remote World

Smiling woman with hands out next to lamp and plant

Many companies focus their efforts on hiring the best and brightest employees. But amidst the Great Resignation, when 4.5 million employees left their jobs, perhaps human resource directors and company executives should be looking for ways to reduce churn. Reports …

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4 Tips for Planning the Perfect Webcast for Demand Generation

Asian woman looking at camera giving thumbs up

A webcast can be a highly effective tool for demand generation and lead generation. But only if you can engage audience members to get them thinking fondly about your offerings and create customer loyalty. A basic lecture or “talking head” …

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