Mike Vitale

Senior Vice President, Webcast Business

Mike serves as PGi’s Senior Vice President, Webcast business, where he is responsible for setting company strategy in the streaming space. A three-year veteran at PGi, Mike previously served as the company’s Vice President of Webcasting.

With nearly 25 years in the industry, Mike is equal parts business leader, technologist and product manager. His experience spans business turn arounds, global product launches and successful year over year financial growth. 

Before joining PGi, Mike spent 14 years with TalkPoint, a PGi company, as Vice President of Operations and, more recently, as Chief Technology Officer. In his time at TalkPoint, Mike launched an industry leading SaaS webcasting platform, serving hundreds of Fortune 500 clients and millions of users annually. He and his team successfully scaled the platform to support 10,000 simultaneous live audience members – one of the first webinar companies to accomplish this goal.

Mike hold a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting from Montclair State University.