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Tailor Your Sales Pitch to Close More Deals

In many organizations, the salesperson represents the front-line warrior of a very large force. Every time they meet with a prospect or potential customer, they’re backed up by the work of dozens if not hundreds of others, from the brand specialists to the marketers to sales enablement. Words and images are carefully chosen and groomed to handle objections, pique customer interest and, in short, close more deals.

But it’s still up to the salesperson to present both themselves and all of their collateral in an authentic and meaningful way; authentic not only to themselves but also to whoever is on the other end of the phone line, web meeting or conference table.

Tailoring your sales pitch is a key skill in order to make your product or service (and yourself) resonate with your prospect to get more meetings and drive more revenue.

Tailor to the Buyer

One of the most obvious ways to tailor your pitch is to your buyer persona. Marketers spend ample time and budget dollars carefully analyzing market patterns and customer need and identifying the personas that you’ll sell into. Educate yourself on the needs, pain points and key objectives of any vertical that you’re selling into: HR, IT, Finance, Marketing, etc. Subscribe to industry publications and read analyst reports. Become a true expert on the challenges facing your prospects so that you can have meaningful dialogue about the value your product or service can bring, rather than simply spouting off canned scripts.

Tailor to the Medium

The old adage “the medium is the message” is just as true for sales as it is for any other department. However you’re reaching out to your prospects, you have to be sure that your approach is appropriate to the medium you choose. For example, social media can be a powerful tool for building up your own personal authority as a salesperson, but also for making and nurturing contacts. But if you’re reaching out say on Twitter, it’s vital to know and understand the “rules” of the medium so as not to appear spammy or disingenuous. Don’t simply blast your Twitter followers with links to demos or DM’s asking for a meeting. Engage them with interesting content and your own personal insights so they know that you’re a real person with real value to offer them, outside of simply a bullhorn for your organization.

Tailor your approach to the medium in order to deliver authentic messages.

Tailor to the Person

Finally, after you’ve gotten past the introductory stage, don’t forget that the carefully analyzed “persona” at the other end of your meeting is a human being. Learn what makes them tick, both personally and professionally, and incorporate that into your conversations in meaningful ways. If you’re meeting online, share profile pictures of your family or a favorite hobby to spark conversation about who both you and your prospects are outside of the office. It’s all about creating a real connection and nurturing that rapport. If you can tailor your pitch with a little bit of “you,” only then can you become more than just a mouthpiece for a brand.


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