Record Meetings Now, Listen Later

Sometimes it’s just not possible to attend a meeting. We get it. That’s why we make it easy to record meetings with GlobalMeet® Collaboration.

Capture the Conversation

GlobalMeet Collaboration’s intuitive interface allows you to quickly record meetings and easily access them after the meeting is over. You don’t even have to download your meeting recording. GlobalMeet Collaboration automatically sends the meeting owner a link to the recording within seconds of ending your meeting. Ready for the best part? Get started and record meetings with GlobalMeet Collaboration.

Access Your Meeting Recording in the Cloud

There is nothing worse than waiting for your recording to download. We know your time is important, which is why GlobalMeet Collaboration makes accessing and viewing recorded meetings easy and efficient. Simply click on the URL that is automatically sent post-meeting and stream the meeting recording in GlobalMeet Collaboration’s cloud storage. The same URL can be distributed to attendees for on-demand viewing. Ready to get started?

How to Record Meetings

Need to record online meetings but don’t know how? GlobalMeet Collaboration makes it easy to record meetings and access them later. Here is how you can get started:

Why You Should Record Meetings

Recap for Attendees

When you record conference calls, you’re providing an instant recap for attendees. If there is ever any question on deliverables or what was said during the discussion, attendees can view the meeting recording for clarification. Providing the recording after your meeting helps keep everyone on the same page.

No More Scheduling Conflicts

Do you find it hard to schedule meetings? Finding a good time for everyone to join a meeting is nearly impossible these days. When you record audio, web or video conference calls, you can share the recordings with individuals who couldn’t make it due to scheduling conflicts. Meeting recordings prevent unnecessary repetition.

Less Note Taking Needed

When you have to take meeting notes, staying current on the conversation is difficult, especially when the presenter is screen sharing. By recording your meeting, you can reduce or even eliminate not taking and minutes writing. Attendees can listen to the meeting recording to remind themselves of the discussion.

Increase Transparency

Sometimes you don’t know how a meeting will evolve and who should have been invited to it. You can make sure key individuals are included in the discussion by sharing the meeting recording. Information is power. When employees are properly informed, you can increase engagement and productivity.

Recordings Aren’t Just for Meetings

GlobalMeet Webcascan help you host flawless webinars and make the most out of your content even after your presentation is over. When you record with GlobalMeet Webcast, you’re building a content library that can be used for prospecting, nurturing business relationships, training and more. Webinars can take a lot of time to plan, publicize and execute. Don’t just throw that time away. Recycle webinar recordings and build out your content library for on-demand and simulated live viewing.

How to Record with GlobalMeet Webcast

We’ve got everything you need to know on how to record for your webcast and webinar needs. GlobalMeet Webcast  automatically records your live events. When you set up your event, you can choose between hosting a live, on-demand or simulated live event. With on-demand and simulated live events, you will provide pre-recorded webinar content to share with attendees. Live events will auto-record, and you can access those recordings within your GlobalMeet Webcast account.

Tips on Using Event Recordings

There are so many ways to incorporate virtual events into your business operations and the benefits speak for themselves.

Provide the Recording to Attendee

When you attend any kind of informational presentation, it’s nice to have a takeaway. Provide attendees with a link to your webinar recording for on-demand viewing. They can review information they saw live during the presentation. This is a win-win situation. They get the information they want, while you’re keeping attendees engaged after the presentation is over.

Demand Generation Library

Every organization needs a solid demand generation strategy. Creating enough meaningful content can be challenging. When you host webinars to boost demand generation and leads, reuse the webinar recordings in your content library. You can bring in new prospects or nurture existing leads with your webinar recording.

Employee Training

Setting up live training for employees can be challenging and time-consuming, especially new hire training. When you record a webinar, you’re able to provide employee and new hire training virtually. With on-demand viewing options, you’re even able to include interactive polling and questions during or post event to ensure employees watched the pre-recorded webinar from start to finish.

Review Your Presentation

As a presenter, you spend a lot of time preparing for your virtual event. Just because the event is over doesn’t mean you can’t learn from your webinar recording. Review your recordings to see what went right and what you need to improve on as a presenter. When you rewatch your webinar recordings, you are able to hone your craft and create more even more engaging presentations in the future.

Record a Webinar or Meeting

Improve your internal and external communications when you record meetings and offer recordings as on-demand webinars. No matter your need, GlobalMeet has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions about Recordings

Yes. You can record audio-only conference calls by selecting the record meeting button at the bottom of the GlobalMeet Collaboration screen.

You can record video conference calls the same as audio-only or web-based meetings. Simply select the record meeting button at the bottom of the screen.

The meeting host will be emailed a link to their meeting recording immediately after the meeting has ended. All meeting recordings are also accessible within the GlobalMeet platform.

All GlobalMeet Collaboration packages include meeting recordings including our free Basic package. See plans and pricing for more information.

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