Get More Done with Our Intuitive Project Management Software

Manage projects more efficiently with PGi’s online project management software, iMeet Central®. The intuitive platform helps you stay on track, delegate tasks and make sure your projects are completed on time.

Multiple Projects, One Platform

PGi’s online project management software is a centralized hub for all your project management needs. Create different workspaces for projects and assign user permissions to keep your project information secure. Within the single platform you can upload and work on documents, assign tasks and manage deadlines to help streamline your work. The detailed audit trail ensures you are notified of every change or update within the system.

Project Management

When you need to manage multiple projects with different teams, a consolidated project management software solution is critical. Manage your projects from start to finish in a collaborative online platform.

Create Workspaces

Build designated workspaces for your team to share files, manage timelines and send messages all within a single, online location.

Share Documents

Collaborate on documents and make changes in real time. Detailed reporting makes sure you know what changes were made and by whom.

Restrict Access

Work on different projects and restrict users to certain workspaces so that employees only have access to what they need and nothing they shouldn’t.

In-Application Messaging

Keep project information and updates within the system with detailed in-application messaging.

Document Management

Allow multiple people to make changes to a document and know who changed what by viewing a detailed audit trail.

Manage Deadlines

Schedule activities and assign them to employees so that you can manage your deadlines better.

Custom Workflows

Complete projects faster with custom workflows involving in-application tasks, email notifications and more.

Advanced Security

Host your data, documents and ideas with us and benefit from industry-leading security and reliability.

Face-to-Face Project Updates

Keep your team on-task and focused with face-to-face meetings. By using a collaborative video meeting solution, you can address your team regardless of where they are. Don’t let a deadline slip by because your team wasn’t on the same page. Have a meaningful face-to-face team discussion to make sure your projects are going according to plan.

Manage Projects More Efficiently with iMeet Central

With PGi’s online project management software, iMeet Central, you can manage your projects and files in one place. The cloud solution provides ample storage to upload documents and files with intelligent version control. Work smarter with PGi’s project management software online.

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