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Easily Manage Your Investor Calls and Events

Investor conference calls and events can be stressful, but with the right investor relations solutions, they don’t have to be. Click here to read about how companies and firms are using webcasting to securely communicate with investors.

Secure Meetings and Event Solutions

GlobalMeet®’s event and conference solutions make managing and executing professional investor calls easy. With GlobalMeet Webcast and hands-on management with GlobalMeet Operator Assisted, you’ll find the right solution to help you host professional investor conference calls and virtual meetings. Need the ability to video conference and screen share your presentation? GlobalMeet Collaboration has exactly what you need. 

Easy Investor Call and Event Setup

GlobalMeet gives you the power to set up investor conference calls online or live stream events within a matter of minutes. The easy step-by-step process allows you to tailor your call or event, from customizable branding to secure access options.

Stress-Free Events

GlobalMeet’s technology ensures that your message hits the target, anywhere in the world. Take the stress out of your investor calls and events with our flexible event delivery solution that scales from self-service to fully managed support. With GlobalMeet, you can reach your investor relations community live, reliably and interactively.

Refined Investor Call Experience

GlobalMeet Webcast allows you to host polished investor conference calls. With high-definition video and audio, you can be sure that your message to investors is clear. GlobalMeet Webcast provides ultimate control for presenters to manage the overall experience.

Our new live event script allows you to control what your investors see during a live presentation including slides, speaker headshots, videos, surveys and even the layout. You can dynamically change the layout to better manage your investor conference call.

Beyond quality output, our easy-to-use solution includes interactive polling and managed Q&A so that you can professionally interact with investors. When you choose GlobalMeet Webcast, you’re getting the gold standard for investor conference calls and presentations.

Post Event Wrap-Up

You’ve hosted your investor conference call, now what? How did it go? GlobalMeet Webcast includes robust reporting and analytics so that you can provide your executive real insight into engagement levels.

For those that weren’t able to join the investor conference call, you can deliver a cloud-based recording of the virtual event. Instead of attaching a large file to an email, you can provide a link for immediate cloud-based streaming.

Worried about security? You can gate access to the recorded call. GlobalMeet Webcast also provides a written transcription of the event, so if your investors don’t have time to listen to the whole recording, they can read through the transcript or search for specific terms and phrases. The resources you provide investors are almost as important as the investor conference call itself.

Flawless Investor Conference Calls

Regardless of the GlobalMeet event solution you choose for your investor conference calls, you’ll experience professionalism at its finest with flawless delivery every time. With over 25 years of experience, our GlobalMeet event solutions are proven in the industry and are backed by our award-winning customer care team. We’re trusted by 75% of Fortune 100TM companies, so you’ll be in good company when you choose a GlobalMeet event solution for your investor conference calls.

Hive Streaming Integration

GlobalMeet Webcast’s integration to Hive Streaming provides a more effective way to stream your investor conference call recordings. The end-to-end integration allows viewers to leverage one stream instead of pulling multiple streams to view the on-demand investor call. GlobalMeet Webcast’s Hive Streaming integration allows you to better scale your video delivery.

Put Us To The Test

Join some of the most prestigious companies in the world and start hosting professional and reliable investor conference calls with GlobalMeet event solutions today. We would love to show you how we can elevate your investor call experience.