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Empower your marketing team and engage your prospects and customers with our secure, easy to use online meeting and virtual event software.

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Why GlobalMeet® for Marketing

Whether you’re meeting online with colleagues, clients or agencies or you need to host an event to generate leads, you need as solution that is  secure, reliable and easy to use. With GlobalMeet Collaboration, you can easily meet with your most important stakeholders from anywhere, on any device. Need to host an online interactive event? Try GlobalMeet Webcast and get access to live streaming immersive video, Q&A, polling and large meeting controls.

Build Your Brand and Increase Demand

Marketing is all about starting the conversation and building relationships. With GlobalMeet’s marketing communication tools, you can help build brand awareness, increase lead generation and speed up the customer acquisition process. Let us help improve your communication strategy with quality webinarwebcast and meeting solutions.

Increase Lead Generation

Marketers are often tasked with increasing leads while keeping costs down. This can be a pretty daunting task, but GlobalMeet Webcast provides the right tools for marketing teams to be successful in their lead generation efforts. Host live or on-demand events and track engagement, demographic and behavior analytics to gain insight into your attendees. That insight along with GlobalMeet Webcast’s rich reporting helps you convert leads faster and keep the sales pipeline full. Plus with our marketing and CRM integrations, your data is where you need it most, so you can maximize your results.

Host High-Profile Events

Let us help extend your reach and share your message with our marketing communication tools. Whether you need to present to thousands of prospects and customers, host a press conference or address employees from around the world, GlobalMeet Webcast can help you share your message. With our comprehensive solution, you can create engaging content that will keep your audience on the edge of their seats with interactive polls, videos, live Q&A and more. If you want to take your webcast to the next level, our experienced staff will manage your important events from start to finish. We’ve got the logistics covered so that you can focus on your content. 

Make a Good First Impression

First impressions matter regardless if you’re speaking with a vendor or a customer. As a marketer we know you spend a lot of time crafting your message and perfecting your image, so don’t let bad marketing collaboration software hurt your brand. You need audio and video that works effortlessly . That’s where GlobalMeet Collaboration comes in. Our HD audio and video conferencing solutions ensure that your meeting is always on point. Plus, we make it even easier to have a flawless meeting with file presentation, white boarding and screen sharing. Stop compromising your brand and see how GlobalMeet Collaboration can build a better first impression.

Two Heads are Better than One

When your next big idea is on the line, your team needs marketing collaboration software that will help everyone to brainstorm and execute new ideas. With GlobalMeet Collaboration’s screen sharing and remote desktop control features, exchanging ideas and iterating on them is easy. We’ve completely changed the way your team can collaborate on content and creative. Bring your team together by connecting with audioweb or video conferencing with GlobalMeet Collaboration. Your team is talented, so give them marketing collaboration tools that will help them succeed. Give them GlobalMeet Collaboration. It’s free to get started.


Nothing stops productivity faster than the phrase, “can you hear me now.” Start your meetings on time, every time with reliable and quality audio. When you need to speak with your team, you need marketing collaboration software that works. GlobalMeet Collaboration is your answer to better meetings and better audio.


Collaboration marketing is all about working together to create something new and interesting. GlobalMeet Collaboration’s web conferencing enables teams to meet, screen share and present ideas. Our marketing collaboration tools help marketing teams be more creative and create memorable campaigns.


We understand your team is busy and is often not always in one place. With marketing collaboration tools like video conferencing, your team can meet face to face regardless of where they are. GlobalMeet Collaboration can help your team manage their projects and collaborate much more efficiently.

Beck AG Maximizes Customer Engagement

Beck AG focuses on building unique experience-sharing marketing (ESM) strategies for their customers. GlobalMeet Operator Assisted allows them to host interactive conversations with their agriculture clients. With a professional and quality experience, Beck AG has seen increased engagement and customer satisfaction.

Hunter Public Relations Trusts GlobalMeet

Communication is at the heart of Hunter Public Relations’ business. With GlobalMeet’s audio conferencing, Hunter is easily able to connect with clients, vendors, staff, partners, media and influencers around the world. Hunter PR was able to realize true flexibility with meetings anywhere, anytime.

Create Your Marketing Moment

What are you waiting for? Share your ideas with the world. After all, we’ve got the marketing event communication tools to help you do it.

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