Online Meeting and Event Solution for Small Business

As your business grows, you need tools to help your team communicate, collaborate and host events both internally and externally. GlobalMeet® offers versatile solutions that can be used by everyone in your company for all use cases, including training and development, webinars, sales, virtual events, marketing, and more!

Solutions for Your Small Business

GlobalMeet offers interactive events, webcasts, webinars, live streaming, event management and video, web and audio conferencing solutions for all your business needs. 

With GlobalMeet Collaboration you can instantly join, host or manage audio, web or video meetings from your office, home or while on the go. 

Host and manage live interactive events, town halls, virtual tradeshows and all-hands meetings for any size audience around the world with GlobalMeet Webcast

Use GlobalMeet Operator Assisted and let our event specialists provide you with  flawless worry-free event execution from beginning to end.

Host Meetings on the Go

Whether you are in the office or on the go, our small business conferencing solutions give you the same full-featured experience from your computer or mobile device. The GlobalMeet app allows you to host meetings directly from your phone or tablet and offers features like screen sharing, multipoint video, file sharing, chat and much more.

Reduced Travel Costs

Between time out of the office and travel expenses, costs can add up fast. For small businesses, keeping these costs down is of the utmost importance. Virtual meetings and events help save you time and money by eliminating unnecessary travel while still allowing you to meet and hosts events anytime, from anywhere.

Affordable Virtual Event Solution

GlobalMeet Webcast has everything you need to host a successful online events. We offer planning and pre-event registrations, seamless integrations with CRM and marketing systems, interactive audience engagement features and powerful analytics to help measure the success of your event. 


Host better meetings and events with GlobalMeet

Reach out to our meetings and events professionals for a customized demo to fit your business needs. 

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