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GlobalMeet Collaboration is an award-winning, audio, web and video conferencing solution that makes global communication easy — from anywhere, using any device.

GlobalMeet Collaboration & Meeting Software

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Simple Interface

A simple, intuitive user interface

No Downloads

No downloads for participants

Instant Meeting Access

Start, schedule and join meetings in one click from the desktop app, Outlook toolbar or mobile device.

Recording Capabilities

Comprehensive Recording Capabilities

Mobile App

Easy-to-Use Mobile App


Integrations with Existing Software

Need a simple and reliable meetings product that does more?

Connect with people all over the world, whether you are at the office, on your own couch or enjoying a latte at a coffee shop — the possibilities are endless. GlobalMeet Collaboration delivers a superior meeting experience with industry-leading support for one-on-one meetings, team check-ins and much more. FREE online meeting software is just a click away.
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A simple, reliable online meeting, conferencing and collaboration solution for today’s on-the-go modern worker.

A New Generation of Business Communication and Collaboration

Highest Quality Audio Conferencing

Make the clear audio choice with GlobalMeet Collaboration audio conferencing. Our expansive global audio network ensures a reliable, HD audio experience across the globe.

GlobalMeet Collaboration features VoIP audio with improved vocal clarity, background noise suppression and spatial audio separation to make it easier to understand who is talking in a meeting.

Instant Connection
Instantly connect to industry-leading audio via Use My Phone or Use My Computer.
Global Audio Network
HD audio provided across 160 points of presence and 60+ countries.
Simultaneous Screen Share
Easily screen share or app share using GlobalMeet Collaboration.

Easy Access with GlobalMeet Web Meetings

Start collaborating in a matter of minutes with GlobalMeet web conferencing. Stop wasting time with complicated meeting invites and downloads. GlobalMeet’s one-click access helps you start your web meetings on time.

Instant Meeting Access

Instant Meeting Access

Start, schedule and join web meetings in one click from the desktop app, Outlook toolbar or mobile device.

Simultaneous Screen Share

Simultaneous Screen Share

Easily screen share or app share using GlobalMeet Collaboration.

Cloud Recording Storage

Cloud Recording Storage

Keep everyone up to speed with unlimited cloud storage to access, store and share web meeting recordings.

The Power of Video Conferencing

GlobalMeet Collaboration’s video conferencing features connect you with people face to face all over the world. With GlobalMeet Collaboration, video conferencing is instant, free and works anywhere you are.

Instant Access

Instant Access

Video conferencing is only a click away with our intuitive interface.

HD Video

HD Video

Enable high-quality video with simultaneous screen share.