iMeet Central for Enterprise

Tired of managing projects through email and spreadsheets? iMeet® Central offers a smarter way to collaborate with your teams. The cloud-based platform lets you work on files, share knowledge and manage your projects in one place. Check out our features below or contact us for a full product demo.

Centralized Files

Reduce the amount of email in your inbox. No more emailing files to your teams. iMeet Central lets you centralize your key project files in one location that your team members can easily access from anywhere.

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Collaborate With External and Internal Teams

Whether you’re working with internal departments or external vendors, everyone can have access to your iMeet Central workspace. As the administrator, you can control what individual users can do and prevent unauthorized access.

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Track and Manage Work Requests

Our team collaboration software includes easy-to-use online forms to submit project requests. You can then track those requests through to completion.

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View Project Calendars In One Place

Build, view and share custom calendar reports for each project you’re managing. Teams can also set up meetings, conference calls and web meetings with anyone in the shared workspaces.

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Connect To Web Meetings and Conference Calls

iMeet Central is integrated with PGi web and audio conferencing software for more seamless collaboration. Join a team member’s iMeet® or GlobalMeet® meeting room with one click from their profile. Create calendar events pre-populated with your meeting room URL and dial-in details.

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