iMeet Central for Marketers & Ad Agencies

Tired of managing projects through email and spreadsheets? iMeet® Central offers a smarter way to collaborate with your teams. The cloud-based platform lets you work on files, share knowledge and manage your projects in one place. Check out our features below or contact us for a full product demo.

Collaborate With Internal and External Stakeholders

Whether you’re working with internal teams or external vendors, you can give everyone access to your iMeet Central workspace, enabling true collaborative marketing. As the administrator, you can control what individual users can do and prevent unauthorized access.

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Review and Approve Assets Online

iMeet Central makes it easy for marketers and ad agencies to review and approve files and documents. Reviewers can easily provide feedback right within the platform.

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Complete Version History

Want to make sure you’re working on the latest version of the document? iMeet Central provides a complete version history. You’ll know who made the latest edits and when they were made.

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Team Workspaces

Create separate workspaces for all of your marketing projects or for each agency client. Manage all your key files, calendars and project plans in one place that everyone can access online.

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Online Moodboards

iMeet Central features online moodboards that let you virtually share and discuss campaign imagery. The perfect way to inspire ideas and set the tone for your campaigns.

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View Calenders Across Projects

Build, view and share custom calendar reports for all the different projects you’re managing. You can also set up meetings, conference calls and web meetings with anyone in your workspaces.

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