iMeet Web & Audio Conferencing Solution

iMeet® is an all-in-one web, audio and video conferencing solution that gives you the tools to communicate and collaborate more effectively. Quickly share presentations or files from an integrated, cloud-hosted file cabinet using any device.

87% of communication is non-verbal so if you’re only having audio conference calls, you’re probably missing something important. iMeet lets you hold virtual meetings with up to 15 people in HD video so you can have more productive face-to-face meetings, even when you aren’t in the same room. iMeet also integrates with your video conference room systems, so you can have video meetings wherever you are.

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Personal Touch

Personalize your meeting space by creating a unique URL, choosing a custom background, uploading a photo, writing a bio and more. You have all the tools to make iMeet your own

Set the Virtual Stage

Take control of who is on the main stage. Is the meeting all about you? Then put your cube front and center. Bring on a co-presenter when you’re ready. Easily click to add up to 15 people to the main stage area.

Easy Screen Sharing

Make meetings more engaging by allowing guests to share their screens and presentations with just a few simple clicks. Our guest screen share feature lets meeting hosts pass control to any of their attendees, at any time.

Anywhere, Any Device

Whether you’re in the office or on-the-go, iMeet works wherever you are, delivering a consistent meeting experience and synchronized chat across computer, smartphone and tablet. You can even pass control across devices.

iMeet with Dolby Voice

iMeet featuring Dolby Voice® offers the highest quality audio, video and web conferencing capabilities for an immersive conferencing experience that sounds and feels like an in-person meeting.

Many software products are overly complicated and difficult to use. iMeet was designed with the end user in mind. It features a sleek and intuitive interface that makes makes it simple to schedule, host, and manage your online meetings all in one place. HTML5 compatibility means faster start and load times, making the ability to connect and collaborate more efficient than ever before.

  • Download the iMeet app for PC, Mac, iPad®, iPhone® and Android™ and you can start meetings with just a single click on the iMeet icon from any device.
  • iMeet makes it easy to connect to audio. No need to remember dial-in numbers or passcodes. Just 1-click and iMeet will call your phone or computer.
  • iMeet is a cloud-based service and works in any browser. Guests don’t have to download and install complex software. They simply click on the meeting URL and enter the meeting.
  • The iMeet Toolbar makes it easy to schedule all your online meetings right from Outlook®. Your invitations are pre-populated with all the meeting details your guests will need.
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iMeet Customer Testimonials

From small startups to large enterprises, companies across the world are discovering how iMeet® can help drive their business forward. Watch the video below to see how iMeet helped Pinnacle Solutions with their organizational and communication challenges.

“Conservatively, executing an event through iMeet easily saves us one-third to one-half the costs of a traditional focus group.”Read Ziegler, Managing Partner, Vantedge Group
“The iMeet application is smooth, easy to use, and requires no training. I like that it makes meetings more personable and engaging.”Christi Watson, Supply Chain Administrator at Zep, Inc.
“iMeet has helped us get the attention and satisfy the needs of clients all over the country, who would never have taken us seriously without the face-to-face comfort factor.”Jay Eagleson, Founder, Eighty6
“A better way to meet online.”Inc. Magazine

From small startups to large enterprises, companies across the world are discovering how iMeet can help drive their business forward.

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