Mobile Meetings from Any Device

With the iMeet app you can host a meeting whether you’re at your computer or on your smartphone.


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iMeet by PGi- Person using iMeet app on a mobile phone
iMeet by PGi

Consistent Experience

iMeet gives you the same full-featured experience whether you’re on a computer or mobile device.

Watch how iMeet works on mobile devices:


Mobile Presentations

With iMeet you can share files and make a presentation right from your phone or tablet. You can even pass control of the presentation to any meeting participant on any device.

Watch how to pass control on a mobile device:

iMeet by PGi

Video On-The-Go

You don’t have to be in front of a computer to have video meetings. The iMeet mobile meeting app lets you meet face-to-face in HD video on the iPad and iPhone.

Watch iMeet video on the iPhone:


Download the iMeet Apps


iMeet by PGi

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