FAQ for New Audio Conferencing Customers

Welcome to PGi. We’re happy to have you with us!

PGi is one of the world’s leading providers of collaboration services. We’ve spent the last 30 years delivering easy-to-use and effective collaboration and communication solutions. Our flagship GlobalMeet® Collaboration product includes audio, web, and video meeting solutions for the modern workplace.


Q: Am I getting a new account?

A: Yes. Your Reservationless-Plus account will be replaced by a new GlobalMeet® Audio account. You’ll receive a welcome email when your new account is ready. Until your account transfer is complete, you might see Reservationless-Plus referenced in various communications.

Q: When is this happening?

A: We’ll be migrating accounts over the course of several weeks, starting in April 2022. If you haven’t received an email with your specific migration date yet, you will soon. Your new GlobalMeet® account will be set up at least a week before your migration date (watch for a separate welcome email).

Q: What happens to my Reservationless-Plus conference account?

A: You can use your Reservationless-Plus account until your migration date. At the end of that day, it will be closed and you won’t be able to access it anymore.

Q: What happens to my Reservationless-Plus recordings?

Previous recordings will continue to be available on the Intrado platform until your account is migrated. All recordings made after migration will be accessible from your GlobalMeet® account: via phone playback (instructions in the recording confirmation email) and from the user portal called My Meeting Hub.

Important: There will be an overlap where your Reservationless-Plus and GlobalMeet® Audio accounts are both active. Use this time to sign into InterCall Online (IOL), save recordings, and copy details of conferences so you can reschedule them with your new conference details.

Questions About Your New Account

Q: When can I start using my new account?

A: You can start using your new GlobalMeet® account as soon as you receive the welcome email.

Q: Will my owner ID change?

A: Yes. Your new login credentials will consist of a client ID (same purpose as your current owner ID) and a password. Watch your inbox for a welcome email.

Q: Will my email address change?

A: No. You’ll be able to sign into your account with either your email address or client ID and password.

Q: Will my password change?

A: Yes. You’ll have to set up a password for your new account. The welcome email contains a link to create your new password.

Q: Will my current passcodes and list of access phone numbers change?

A: Yes. (Some customers will keep their numbers and will be notified separately.) Your welcome email will contain new host and participant passcodes and the list of access numbers for your account.

Note: the host passcode works like a leader PIN and identifies you as the leader of the audio conference.

Q: Will my conference code change?

A: Yes, but GlobalMeet® doesn’t require a conference code to connect you. Just call one of the dial-in numbers and enter your host passcode. You’re immediately connected as the host (leader) of the conference.

Using your new audio conferencing account

Q: Will the features be the same?

A: With GlobalMeet® Audio, you’ll have access to most of the features of Reservationless-Plus, including conference commands – we call them “star” commands. You’ll also get increased conference capacity up to 300 participants on a call. To learn about your new account, see Get started with audio conferencing in the GlobalMeet® Success Center.

Q: Is there a comparison that shows Reservationless-Plus and GlobalMeet® Audio commands?

A: Yes. We’ve included a comparison chart at the end of this FAQ.

Q: How do I start a conference call?

A: Just pick up the phone, dial an access number, and enter your host passcode when prompted. You’re immediately connected as the host (leader) of the conference.

Reservationless-Plus GlobalMeet Notes
  1. Dial your Reservationless-Plus dial-in number.
  2. When prompted, enter your conference code or leader conference code and press #.
  3. When prompted, press * to identify yourself as the leader and then enter your leader PIN and press #.
  4. Press 1 to begin your conference or press 2 to change your default conference options.
  5. If the security passcode option is enabled, enter it when prompted.
For accounts with two passcodes
  1. Dial one of your GlobalMeet dial-in numbers.
  2. When prompted, enter your host passcode and press #.

For accounts with a single passcode

  1. Dial one of your GlobalMeet dial-in numbers.
  2. When prompted, enter the passcode and press #.
  3. When prompted, enter the host security code and press #.

Most GlobalMeet accounts are provisioned with two passcodes: host (or leader) and guest (participant).

The passcode identifies your conferencing account – there is no need to enter your conference code.

Q: What do my guests need to join my conference call?

A: You can send your guests a list of access numbers and the guest passcode. They’ll dial in and enter the guest passcode when prompted.

Q: How do I record a conference?

A: During the conference, press *22 to start recording. You will hear a message that the conference is being recorded. When the meeting is over, press *93 to disconnect all lines, and then hang up to end the meeting. This finalizes the recording. You’ll receive a replay confirmation email with a playback passcode.

Q: Can I send Outlook invitations to my meeting participants?

A: Yes. GlobalMeet® for Outlook lets you schedule a conference on your Outlook calendar and send invitations with your access numbers and guest passcode. There’s also an integration that lets you schedule conferences on your Google Calendar. For Outlook and Google Calendar installation instructions, visit GlobalMeet® Downloads in our Success Center.

Q: How do I schedule a conference?

A: Like your old account, your GlobalMeet® Audio account is always available; you can start an audio conference at any time, without scheduling. You can schedule a conference and send invitations from your Outlook calendar, Google Calendar, and My Meeting Hub (see How do I access My Meeting Hub?).

Q: Will I have to reschedule my conferences?

A: Check your calendar for any conferences scheduled the day of migration or later. Your Reservationless-Plus account will be closed, so you’ll need to cancel those conferences, and then schedule new conferences with your GlobalMeet® Audio account. The old access numbers and passcodes won’t work.

Q: I use Call Manager to join and manage my calls. What do I use now?

A: You can use My Meeting Hub to start conferences and host them in the web-based Audio Controls, where you can mute/unmute guests, record the conference, set up a sub-conference, and more.

Q: I used InterCall Online to schedule conferences. What do I use now?

A: My Meeting Hub lets you schedule audio conferences and limited availability conferences (with unique passcodes that are only active on the dates and times you specify) and invite guests by email. When it’s time to start the conference, just come back and launch it in the Audio Controls.

Q: How do I access My Meeting Hub?

A: The My Meeting Hub URL is: https://company.myconferencing.com/ where the company prefix is your organization’s name in our system. To find your company name, open your welcome email and hover on the Manage Account button. The My Meeting Hub URL from the following example would be https://alltrek.myconferencing.com.

Q: I used InterCall Online to schedule conferences. What do I use now?

A: My Meeting Hub lets you schedule audio conferences and limited availability conferences (with unique passcodes that are only active on the dates and times you specify) and invite guests by email. When it’s time to start the conference, just come back and launch it in the Audio Controls.

Q: Who should I contact if I don’t receive my new Welcome Email or need help?

A: Just click [email protected]and enter your information. We'll be in touch shortly.

Conference commands reference

Below are the Reservationless-Plus conference commands and their corresponding GlobalMeet® Audio commands. For a listing of GlobalMeet® Audio commands, see Use the star commands in the Success Center.

Note: In GlobalMeet® terminology, the conference leader is the host; participants (non-leader role) are guests.

Reservationless-Plus Touchtone Command Availability GlobalMeet Audio Touchtone
** List all available keypad commands Leader/Participant N/A
*1 Allows the leader to place calls (dial out) from the conference. Leader N/A
*2 Record the conference Leader *22 to start recording. *22 again to pause or restart the recording
#2 Leave the current conference and join a different conference (using conference code) without hanging up to dial back in. Participant N/A
*3 Change entry/exit method:
  • Tone
  • Name Announce
  • Silent
Leader *39 to turn on or off entry tones.

Can’t manage other options during a conference.
*4 Roll Call Leader/Participant Host only. *92 to play the roll call. Roll Call is enabled outside the conference.
*5 Mute all lines except leaders Leader *96
#5 Un-mute all lines Leader *97
*6 Mute own line Leader/Participant *6
#6 Un-mute own line Leader/Participant *6 (again)
*7 Locks conference Leader *94
#7 Unlocks conference Leader *94 (again)
*8 Allow/disallow Auto Continuation Leader *38 to hang up without ending the conference (overrides the End Meeting when I Exit setting)
*9 Sub-conference transfer Leader/Participant Leader:
*21 to set up a sub-conference. Up to nine sub-conferences.
#0 to end all sub-conferences

# and sub-conference number to join (#5 to join sub-conference 5)
## to leave sub-conference
11 Third-party conference start - bypass holds music to start calling as the leader. Leader/Participant N/A. When host joins, music on hold stops.
*31 Change leader entry/exit announcement. Leader N/A
*44 Quality Monitoring - Allows automatic creation of a quality request. Leader N/A
*51/#51 Lecture mode On (*51) and Off (#51). Mutes all guests and unmutes all. Leader *96 mutes all lines except host; guests cannot unmute themselves
#51 Unmute all, turns off lecture mode Leader *96 (again)
*60/*61 Turn music on hold On (*60) or Off (*61) Participant N/A. Music on hold can’t be turned off by guests.
#64 Reservationless-Plus Leader menu. Configure certain defaults from within an active conference. Leader *9 to hear a complete list of host commands. Most conference features are configured outside the conference.
#64, 1 Change leader PIN.

For single passcode GlobalMeet conferences only, hosts are prompted for the host security code, which identifies them as the leader.
Leader *99 to change your host security code
#64, 5 Personal greeting Leader *32 to record a conference introduction
#64, 7 Conference security passcode. Additional code that all guests must provide when joining a specific conference.

Host joins the conference first, defines the security code, and notifies guests of the code before they join the conference.
Leader/Participant Leader:
*31 to enable the feature and define the one-time conference security code
*31 (again) to disable

When prompted, enter the code provided by the host.
*99 Sub-conferences. Regroup all lines back to the main conference. Leader #0 (when sub-conferencing is active)
#99 Disconnect all lines (except leader) Leader *93
*# Participant count Leader/Participant *91 (host only)

Recording playback commands

GlobalMeet® Audio has an easy set of replay commands:

  • Press 5 – to return to the beginning of the recording
  • Press 7 – to back up 30 seconds
  • Press 8 – to pause or resume the replay
  • Press 9 – to advance 30 seconds

Below are the Reservationless-Plus playback commands and their corresponding GlobalMeet® Audio commands.

Reservationless-Plus Replay GlobalMeet® Audio
1 Rewind 5 seconds
2 Increase volume
3 Fast-forward 5 seconds
4 Rewind 30 seconds 7
5 Decrease volume
6 Fast-forward 30 seconds 9
7 Decrease speed
8 End playback
9 Increase speed
* Pause/resume playback 8
0 Restart from beginning 5
# Help menu
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