Billing FAQ for New Customers

Welcome to PGi. We’re Happy to Have You with Us!

The Basics

Q: Will my moderators be getting new accounts?

A: Yes. All Intrado Reservationless-Plus and Unified Meeting accounts will be replaced by new GlobalMeet® accounts. These moderators (owners) will receive a welcome email when their new accounts are ready.

Q: Am I getting an account?

A: We’re going to set up a billing account for you in the online Billing Portal. Watch your email for a welcome email with your account credentials. You can use the online Billing Portal to view invoices and make payments.

Q: How do I sign into the Billing Portal?

A: Sign into the Billing Portal with the client ID and password for your billing account found in your welcome email. You can also use the account number on the invoice, which is the same as your client ID. To access the Billing Portal, click here.

Note: Your billing account might not be accessible until closer to the end of your first month of service.

Q: When is this happening?

A: We’ll be migrating accounts over the course of several weeks, starting in April 2022. If you haven’t received an email with your specific migration date yet, you will soon.

Q: What happens to current Reservationless-Plus and Unified Meeting accounts?

A: At the end of day on your migration date, these Intrado accounts will be closed.

Q: Will my pricing stay the same as it currently is with Intrado?

A: In most cases, yes. Your pricing will stay the same through the term of your current contract. A small number of customers on legacy audio bundles will be moved to a new pricing model. A PGi team member will contact you regarding renewals when the time comes.

Q: What about Operator Assisted conferencing?

A: Operator Assisted conferencing accounts will be migrated later. If you also use the Intrado Operator Assisted conferencing service, we’ll contact you by email to provide further information closer to the migration date.

Invoices and Payments

Q: What will my last Intrado invoice cover?

A: All audio conferencing calls completed before your migration date will be billed directly to you by Intrado. Intrado will continue to bill you for all other services.

Q: When will PGi start invoicing?

A: After your migration date, PGi will invoice you for conferencing services. Invoices are sent monthly, at the end of the month. Your first invoice will arrive at the end of the first calendar month of service.

Q: How are invoices sent?

A: We send a courtesy email when invoices are ready to view on the Billing Portal. Paper invoices are mailed to your billing address. If you currently pay to receive a print-out of all invoice pages, you will continue to receive invoices in that format. Otherwise, we’ll mail the invoice summary pages with total due and remittance details. PDF versions of your invoices are always available from the Billing Portal at no extra charge. All pages in the printed invoice are included in the PDF version.

Q: How can I pay an invoice?

A: You can pay by check, direct deposit/direct debit (ACH), wire transfer, and credit card. Invoices contain the information you need to make direct bank transfer payments – where you initiate direct deposit or wire transfers. (We don’t support recurring ACH payments where the invoice balance is automatically drawn from a bank account.) To learn more, visit the Billing and Invoice Support space in our GlobalMeet® Success Center.

Q: I currently pay by credit card. What do I do?

A: To comply with PCI regulations, we did not migrate your credit card details, and we do not accept credit card information by mail or email. You should use the Billing Portal to make credit card payments. There are two options: you can make a one-time credit card payment or sign up for automatic credit card payments. With auto-pay, the full or remaining balance on your account will be charged to your credit card every month.

Q: I need to set up PGi as a vendor so I can pay with a purchase order. Who do I contact for your tax ID?

A: Send email to the PGi Accounts Payable team; for:

Q: Do you charge sales tax?

A: Yes. If your company has a U.S. billing address, we will assess applicable U.S. state and local sales taxes on invoices.

Q: For U.S. companies. My company is tax-exempt. Can you use the tax exemption certificate on file with Intrado?

A: No. We will need a new sales tax exemption certificate if you feel your invoices should not be subject to sales taxes. Most sales tax authorities require exemption certificates to be issued by the customer to the seller/vendor with both parties' complete legal names and addresses, and do not allow transferring a tax exemption certificate from one vendor to another.

To allow adequate time for processing, we request that you provide a new tax exemption certificate to [email protected] within sixty (60) days of the date on your billing welcome email. To comply with legal requirements of state and local tax authorities, we will begin charging applicable sales taxes when the 60-day period expires if we have not received a new exemption certificate.

Our legal name and address is:
Audio Telecommunications Technology II, LLC
2475 Northwinds Parkway, Suite 200
Alpharetta, GA 30009

Other Situations

Q: My Intrado account uses active host billing. Will that change?

A: Yes. Going forward, your new GlobalMeet® accounts will be invoiced under a bill-to user under a shared pool matching your past spend as a single fee, and you have access to the same users, minutes, and locations.

Q: Intrado currently bills my users on my behalf. Will that change?

A: In most cases, yes. PGi will send a summary invoice to you with per-user details. A small number of customers will continue with on-behalf-of billing. A PGi team member will contact you if this scenario applies to you.

Q: Intrado currently bills my users and collects payments on my behalf. Will that change?

A: Yes. PGi will send a summary invoice to you with per-user details. You will be responsible for collecting payment from your users and paying the full invoice to PGi.

Q: Who should I contact if I don’t receive my new Welcome Email or need help?

A: Just click [email protected] and enter your information. We'll be in touch shortly.

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