FAQ for New Web Conferencing Customers

Welcome to PGi. We’re happy to have you with us!

PGi is one of the world’s leading providers of collaboration services. We’ve spent the last 30 years delivering easy-to-use and effective collaboration and communication solutions. Our flagship GlobalMeet® Collaboration product includes audio, web, and video meeting solutions for the modern workplace.


Q: Am I getting a new account?

A: Yes. Your Unified Meeting meeting account will be replaced by a new GlobalMeet® Collaboration account. You’ll receive a welcome email when your new account is ready. Until your account transfer is complete, you might see Unified Meeting referenced in various communications.

Q: When is this happening?

A: We’ll be migrating accounts over the course of several weeks, starting in April 2022. If you haven’t received an email with your specific migration date yet, you will soon. Your new GlobalMeet® account will be set up at least a week before your migration date (watch for a separate welcome email).

Q: What happens to my Unified Meeting meeting account?

A: You can use your Unified Meeting account until your migration date. At the end of that day, it will be closed and you won’t be able to access it anymore. Your old Unified Meeting URL will stop working post-migration.

Q: What happens to my Unified Meeting recordings?

Previous recordings will continue to be available on the Intrado platform until your account is migrated. All recordings made after migration will be accessible from your GlobalMeet® account. As the host, you always receive the recording email. Recordings are also available in the desktop and iOS mobile apps. You can view, download, share, and delete your recordings.

Important: There will be an overlap where your Unified Meeting and GlobalMeet® Collaboration accounts are both active. Use this time to sign into your Unified Meeting account, save recordings, and copy details of meetings scheduled so you can reschedule them with your new meeting details.

Questions About Your New Account

Q: When can I start using my new account?

A: You can start using your new GlobalMeet® account as soon as you receive the welcome email.

Q: Will my owner ID change?

A: Yes. Your new login credentials will consist of a client ID (same purpose as your current owner ID) and a password. Watch your inbox for a welcome email.

Q: Will my email address change?

A: No. You’ll be able to sign into your account with either your email address or client ID and password.

Q: Will my password change?

A: Yes. You’ll have to set up a password for your new account. The welcome email contains a link to create your new password.

Q. Will the URL for my web room change?

A: Yes. You’ll receive a new GlobalMeet® Collaboration URL for your web room in the welcome email. Your old Unified Meeting URL will no longer work post-migration.

Q: Will my current passcodes and list of access phone numbers change?

A: Yes. (Some customers will keep their numbers and will be notified separately.) Your welcome email will contain new host and participant passcodes and the list of access numbers for your account.

Note: the host passcode works like a leader PIN and identifies you as the leader of the audio conference.

Q: Will my conference code change?

A: Yes, but GlobalMeet® doesn’t require a conference code to connect you. Just call one of the dial-in numbers and enter your host passcode. You’re immediately connected as the host (leader) of the conference.

Using Your New Meeting Account

Q: Will the features be the same?

A: With GlobalMeet® Collaboration, you’ll have access to most of the features of Unified Meeting, plus additional collaboration features like whiteboard, a cloud-based file library for sharing slides, images, videos, and documents, and crystal clear webcam sharing with no downloads. To learn about your new account, see Get Started with Online Meetings in the GlobalMeet® Success Center.

Q: Is there a comparison that shows Unified Meeting and GlobalMeet® Collaboration features?

A: Yes. We’ve included a comparison chart at the end of this FAQ.

Q: How do I start a meeting as a leader or moderator?

A: You can start your meeting from a browser, from the desktop apps for Mac and Windows, on an Android or iOS smartphone, and from an Outlook or Google calendar invitation. Just sign in using your email address (or client ID) and password.

Q: Can I host a meeting from my smartphone?

A: Yes. We have mobile apps for Android and iOS that let you host meetings on the go.

Q: What do my guests need to join my meeting?

A: All they need is your meeting URL. When they join, they’ll be prompted to connect their audio by phone or computer audio.

Q: Can I send Outlook invitations to my meeting participants?

A: Yes. GlobalMeet® for Outlook lets you schedule a meeting on your Outlook calendar and send invitations with your meeting URL, dial-in access numbers, and guest passcode. For installation instructions, visit GlobalMeet® Downloads in our Success Center.

Q: How do I schedule a meeting?

A: Like your old account, your GlobalMeet® Collaboration room is always available; you can start a meeting at any time, without scheduling. You can schedule a meeting and send invitations from your Outlook calendar or Google Calendar and from the Android and iOS apps. To learn about scheduling meetings and sending invitations, see Invite People in our Success Center.

Q: Will I have to reschedule my meetings?

A: Check your calendar for any meetings scheduled the day of migration or later. Your Unified Meeting account will be closed, so you’ll need to cancel those meetings, and then schedule new meetings with your GlobalMeet® Collaboration account and meeting URL.

Q. I used the Meeting Center toolbar or Conference Manager to start and manage my web meetings. What do I use now?

A: You can start your meeting from a browser, from the desktop apps for Mac and Windows, on an Android or iOS smartphone, and from an Outlook or Google calendar invitation. Just sign in using your email address (or client ID) and password.

Q: Who should I contact if I don’t receive my new Welcome Email or need help?

A: Just click [email protected] and enter your information. We'll be in touch shortly.

Meeting Feature Comparison

Below are the Unified Meeting meeting features and corresponding GlobalMeet® Collaboration features.

Feature Unified Meeting GlobalMeet® Collaboration More Info (GlobalMeet®)
Join from browser Yes Yes
Join without software install Yes Yes
Invite guest from meeting Yes No No email invitations. Can copy meeting details to clipboard and share via email, chat, etc.
Dial out to a guest Yes Yes
Softphone Yes Yes
Softphone without install No Yes Browser access includes VoIP audio
Dial out Yes Yes
Dial in Yes Yes
International dial in Yes Yes
Feature Unified Meeting GlobalMeet® Collaboration More Info (GlobalMeet®)
Name Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes
Title Yes No
Photo Yes Yes Hosts and people without accounts can install the desktop app and upload a profile picture. The picture is associated with their email address and shown whenever they join a meeting using that email address.
Combine dial-in guest with web participant Yes No Can rename an audio-only guest. Can’t merge dial-in and web presences.
Weather and local time of participant Yes No
Feature Unified Meeting GlobalMeet® Collaboration More Info (GlobalMeet®)
Webcam Yes Yes
Webcam without software install No Yes
Screen share Yes Yes Can share full screen (monitor) or selected app window
Screen share without install No Yes Browser-based screen sharing is supported
Screen share window Yes Yes
Screen share area Yes No
Participant sharing Yes Yes
Share a file Yes No Meeting accounts include a cloud-based file library that can be accessed from any meeting room.
Guests can’t share files without a meeting account.
Whiteboard No Yes
Chat publicly to all in meeting Yes Yes
One-To-One Chat Yes No
Chat to help agents in meeting No Yes
Feature Unified Meeting GlobalMeet® Collaboration More Info (GlobalMeet®)
Lock the meeting Yes Yes
Waiting Room Yes Yes
Restrict sharing No Yes Can restrict sharing to host and promoted guests (presenters)
Web recording Yes Yes
Web recording playback hosted Yes Yes
Web recording download Yes Yes Recordings available via desktop app and iOS mobile app
Audio recording Yes Yes
Audio recording playback hosted Yes Yes
Audio recording download Yes Yes
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