FAQ for New Operator Assisted Customers

Welcome to PGi. We’re happy to have you with us!

With Operator Assisted conference calling, you can reach global audiences of up to 15,000 people. Our award-winning, highly trained event experts manage hundreds of high-profile audio events every day for some of the world’s largest organizations. From quarterly earnings calls and press events to corporate announcements, you can rely on our proven expertise to deliver flawlessly executed events over a secure and reliable global audio network.


When is this happening?

We’ll be migrating accounts over the course of several weeks, starting in April 2022. All accounts will be migrated by May 27. You can begin hosting Operator Assisted conference calls on the new service beginning May 16.

Important: There will be an overlap where your Intrado Operator Assisted and GlobalMeet Operator Assisted services are both active.

Am I getting a new account?

Yes. Your Intrado account will be replaced by a new GlobalMeet Operator Assisted account. You’ll receive a welcome email with your client ID when your new account is ready. Refer to your client ID when contacting us about bookings.

What happens to my Intrado Operator Assisted account?

At the end of the day on May 27th, your Intrado account will be deactivated and you won’t be able to access it anymore.

When can I start using my GlobalMeet Operator Assisted account?

You can start hosting Operator Assisted conferences using your new account as early as May 16. To schedule a new conference with a run date of May 16 or later, send an email to [email protected]. We’ll start taking new bookings on May 9.

What happens to conferences that are already booked?

Any conferences scheduled for May 16 or later must be rebooked and hosted using the GlobalMeet Operator Assisted service. If you have conferences scheduled on or after May 16, we’ll reach out to you to review all your pre-booked conferences, confirm settings, and if needed rebook them using the new Operator Assisted service.

Will the passcodes and list of access phone numbers change for rebooked conferences?

Yes. You’ll receive a confirmation email for each new or rebooked conference. The confirmation email contains the confirmation code (conference ID), dial-in access numbers, passcodes, and instructions for speakers and participants to join the conference.

What happens to my recordings and replays from my previous conferences?

If you requested MP3 recordings for previous conferences, they should have been sent to you by email after the conference. If you have recordings stored by Intrado, they will contact you to confirm next steps for retrieving them.

Replays will be available on the Intrado platform until the end of May.

Can I transfer my replays to my new account?

Yes. If you have any existing replays, let us know before May 27 and we can set them up on your new account. Once your Intrado account is closed, we won’t be able to transfer over the replays for your previous conferences.

What happens to reports from my previous conferences?

All reports from previous conferences should have been sent to you by email after the conference. If you can’t find the email, contact Intrado before May 27 to have the reports sent again.

Can I use Operator Assisted audio with WebEx?

Yes. If you have your own WebEx account, you can use GlobalMeet Operator Assisted for event audio. We can provide troubleshooting assistance and assistance with booking, starting a session, recordings, and providing logs after the call.

Can I use Operator Assisted audio with Adobe Connect?

No. You can continue to use Adobe Connect until May 27. After that, you won’t be able to use the new Operator Assisted account with Adobe Connect. Instead, you can use your own WebEx account or request GlobalMeet Webinar.

About your new Operator Assisted account

When can I start using my new account?

You can start hosting Operator Assisted conferences using your new account as early as May 16.

Will my account credentials change?

Yes. Your email address stays the same, but you’ll get a new Client ID (same purpose as your Intrado owner ID), and you’ll need to create a password. Your Client ID can be found in your welcome email.

Who should I contact if I don’t receive my new Welcome Email or need help?

Please send an email to [email protected] or call us.

  • +17192839463 (US)
  • +18888346492 (US toll free)
  • +44 (0) 2033986148 (UK)
  • +65 3157 3053 (Singapore)

Using your new account

Will the features be the same?

With GlobalMeet Operator Assisted conferencing, you’ll have access to most of the features of your current conferencing service, with increased capacity up to 15,000 participants and automated dial-out for participants.

Is there a comparison that shows the Intrado and GlobalMeet Operator Assisted features?

Yes. We’ve included a comparison chart at the end of this FAQ.

Do you offer conference recordings and replays?

Yes. When booking, you can choose to have your conference recorded and to make the recording available as a call-in replay. Participants dial the replay access number and enter a passcode to hear the recording. You can also collect information about participants who dialed in to the replay system and receive it as a report. While listening to the replay, participants can use the replay commands.

Will my conferences have the same amount of security?

Yes. Like your Intrado account, you will be able to lock your conference, only allow participants on the approved list, and require a conference passcode. You can also assign participants a unique PIN and have them enter their PIN code before joining.

For my previous Operator Assisted conferences, I used a specific operator. Will I be able to continue using this operator?

No. However, if you like one of our operators, you can request to use the same operator for your future conferences.

How do I book a conference?

To book a conference, send an email to [email protected] or call one of the contact numbers above. Make sure to include your client ID, name, and phone number, plus the date and time of your planned conference. Our Reservations team will contact you to capture your requirements and book the call.

You can also book a conference online in the Events Portal. The Events Portal allows you to schedule and edit conferences. You can also view completed conferences and download post-event content, such as recordings and reports.

How do I sign into the Events Portal?

Sign into the Events Portal with the Client ID found in your welcome email. To access the Events Portal, click here.

To create a new password, on the login form, click Signing in for the first time? and then click Forgot Password?.

How do I send new invitations?

In your confirmation email, you’ll receive the speaker and participant connection details for the event, including the confirmation code, dial-in numbers, passcodes, and the registration link or Click to Join (automated dial out) link. When creating invitations, make sure to include these details. If you’ve already sent out invitations, update them with the new connection details and send them again.

How do speakers join my conference?

After the conference has been booked, the moderator (lead speaker) and speakers receive a confirmation email containing the confirmation code, speaker dial-in numbers, and passcodes.

Note: When booking your conference, you can have an operator dial out to speakers and to specific participants.

To join the conference, dial in at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. In a private pre-conference, the operator will perform sound checks with all speakers and review the conference details. At the start time, the operator will read the opening script and turn the conference over to the moderator.

How do participants join my conference?

Depending on your conference setup, participants will either dial in or have the conference call them (Click to Join feature).

With dial in, participants dial one of the access numbers and their call is answered by an operator (greeted entry) or an automated system (passcode entry). With greeted entry, the operator asks for the confirmation code and then connects the participant. With passcode entry, participants are prompted to enter the participant passcode.

With Click to Join, there’s no need to dial in. Instead, participants open the browser URL you provide, enter their name and phone number, and our system dials out and instantly connects them.

You can also request that participants provide their name, a PIN (passcode entry only), and up to 6 pieces of standard or custom information which you can include in reports. (For example, their company name, phone number, etc.)

How will I access conference recordings and reports for completed conferences?

You can access all post-event content, including recordings, participant lists, transcripts, and other reports in the Events Portal. After the conference, sign in to the Events Portal, view the completed conference, and download the files.

Operator Assisted feature comparison

Below are the Intrado Operator Assisted conferencing features and corresponding GlobalMeet Operator Assisted features.

Feature Intrado GlobalMeet Op Assist More info (GlobalMeet)
Reservations Yes Yes Book online or over the phone
Conference capacity Up to 10,000 Up to 1,000 or 15,000 Up to 1,000 for Greeted entry
Up to 15,000 for Passcode entry and Click to Join
Conference language Yes Yes Languages offered: English, Mandarin Chinese, Canadian French, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish
Dry run No Yes A 30-minute test call for up to 3 people.
Pre-recorded conference Yes Yes Pre-record a conference or portion of a conference and broadcast it as a live event.
Reminder emails Yes Yes  
Reservation confirmation email Yes Yes  
Greeted entry Yes Yes Up to 1,000 participants
Passcode entry Yes Yes Up to 15,000 participants
Recorded name on entry No Yes Available with passcode entry. Record participant names and other information. Recording is transcribed and provided in the participant report.
Automated dial out (Click to Join) No Yes Participants click provided link, enter their details and phone number, and the system calls and places them into the conference.
Operator dial out Yes Yes  
Host joins first or last (Leader First/Last) Yes No With pre-conference, moderators meet in a private conference with the operator until the operator starts the broadcast.
LegalConnect Yes No We offer a comparable service called Court Call.
Greet participants by name (Branded Annunciator) Yes No  
Approved participant list Yes Yes  
Lock conference Yes Yes  
Participant PIN capture Yes Yes Available with passcode entry. Participants enter any PIN when they join the conference.
Participant PIN validation No Yes Available with passcode entry. Participants must enter an assigned PIN to join the conference.
Closing script Yes Yes  
Communcations line Yes Yes  
Custom scripts Yes Yes  
Entry and exit tones Yes Yes  
Host controls Yes Yes Conference Controls is comparable to Leaderview.
Music on hold Yes Yes  
Mute/Unmute all Yes No Participants are automatically muted when they join.
News on hold Yes No  
Opening script Yes Yes  
Polling Yes Yes  
Post-conference Yes Yes  
Pre-conference Yes Yes  
Q&A Yes Yes  
Q&A alerts for participants Yes No For Passcode Entry conferences, participants don’t get an alert that it is their turn to ask a question.
Recording Yes Yes  
Roll call Yes Yes  
Specialized or repeat operator   Yes  
Sub-conferences Yes Yes  
Voice Talent Yes Yes Voice Talent is included with all operators at no extra charge.
Web conferencing Yes Yes Use GlobalMeet Webinar or your own WebEx account.
Web event production support No Yes An event production manager can assist with booking, setup, rehearsals, sending invites, and provide in-conference support.
*0 support Yes Yes  
Participant list report Yes Yes  
Polling reports Yes Yes  
Recording as a CD Yes No  
Recording as an audio file Yes Yes  
Recording editing services No Yes Have a professional edit the recording before making it available to participants.
Recording replay Yes Yes  
Replay captioning Yes No  
Replay reports Yes Yes  
Transcript Yes Yes  
Translated transcripts No Yes  
Web registration report Yes Yes  

Recording playback commands

GlobalMeet Audio has an easy set of replay commands:

  • Press 5 – to return to the beginning of the recording
  • Press 7 – to back up 30 seconds
  • Press 8 – to pause or resume the replay
  • Press 9 – to advance 30 seconds

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