Our Commitment to You

Dear Customers and Partners

We have entered into an unprecedented time as the spread of COVID-19 has transitioned businesses around the world to working remotely. Companies, employees and families all find themselves in uncharted waters. We are all faced with similar fears and are united by this shared enemy. Please know that PGi has enacted our own Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and will do all that we can to help you through the times ahead by enabling you through technology to continue to operate your business and stay connected.

Supporting your communication needs 24/7 The PGi team is actively monitoring this situation and offering 24/7 services and support for our customers, partners or anyone who needs the ability to maintain open lines of communication and collaboration. We’re here to assist with your business continuity plans as travel slows down, events are driven online, and remote work becomes the mandate. Our colleagues in Asia have been helping customers through this challenging situation for months and helping the broader organization pivot, expand and be responsive to shifting customer needs.

PGi people are here for you

Using our own technology, PGi’s workforce is empowered to work from home. This ensures the health and safety of our global associates and local communities and continuation of service for Customers. We’re scaling global teams too to ensure our customers have the support they need. We are with you.

Scaling our business to keep yours running

As a general rule, PGi maintains carrier diversity across local toll inbound, toll free inbound, and dial-out. As part of our ongoing processes and in the context of Covid-19, PGi has been working daily/weekly with our various carriers to ensure adequate capacity. Our carrier partners worldwide are seeing unprecedented demand on their networks. I would encourage you to visit our Support page at https://www.mymeetinghelp.com to find tools and tips to help you avoid any congestion issues with accessing our services. In the current environment we are taking every precaution and measure to ensure service delivery beyond our standard day-to-day operational methods. We have a comprehensive Business Continuity plan which addresses a work from home option for critical staff so that all services can be managed remotely and securely.

Serving your business needs

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need some information on how to maximize the features of your current PGi solution. We remain committed to supporting you through our communication and collaboration tools helping you to stay connected and productive during these challenging times. For those facing remote work for the first time, we have some tips on how to work remotely and how to manage your remote workforce.

Please work smart, work safe, and stay healthy and know you have the PGi team behind you.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

With warmest regards,

Don Joos

President & CEO


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