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Connecting the World with Video

Make your meetings more immersive and engaging with video conferencing. GlobalMeet® Collaboration offers a fully featured collaboration product including easy-to-use video conferencing software.

Video Conferencing Features

Instant Access

Video conferencing is only a click away with our intuitive interface.

HD Video

Enable high-quality video with simultaneous screen share.


Playback your meetings anytime with cloud recording.

HD Audio

Ensure your meeting experience is crystal-clear with HD audio.

24/7 Support

Access support via phone, email or chat in 12 different languages.

Global Reach

With over 160 points of presence in 60 countries, you can meet from anywhere.

Video Room Integration

Maximize video room hardware investments.

Mobile Apps

Join audio conference calls on the go with a consistent experience across devices.

Cloud-based Video
Conference Calls

GlobalMeet Collaboration combines web and video conferencing technology with industry-leading audio for secure and reliable meetings. The cloud-based technology allows you to turn on your webcam or leverage your existing video room infrastructure for a video meeting. 

Face-to-Face Meetings Anytime, Anywhere

GlobalMeet Collaboration provides true convenience so that you can meet when you want and how you want. Enable your webcam for video conferencing anywhere in the world — whether you’re in your local coffee shop, at the airport or in the office. Use our video room integrations to finally use that hardware that is taking up space in your conference room. Want to try it out? Check out our Basic Plan to use our free video conferencing functionality. Meeting face to face is easier than ever before.

Video Conferencing That Just Works

Don’t let distance and costly travel plans stand in your way of meeting face to face. You are one click away from an ‘in-person’ meeting with GlobalMeet Collaboration. Check out our basic plan to start video conferencing free of charge with people all over the world.

What is Video Conferencing?

When two or more people communicate via webcam or video room system, you’ve got video conferencing. Participants can use a desktop computer in conjunction with their camera to collaborate face to face. Often participants can also share a screen so that you’re not only sharing video but also a presentation or application for a complete meeting experience.

What's The Difference Between Web and Video Conferencing?

Web conferencing lets you facilitate online meetings on the device of your choice. Connect via VoIP or by phone and share your screen, app or file to help illustrate your points. A web conferencing platform helps make collaboration easier by removing barriers and communication challenges.

Video conferencing is when participants share their live video footage for a face-to-face meeting experience. GlobalMeet Collaboration is the best of both worlds. That’s right, you get web and video conferencing in the same app.

Frequently Asked Questions About Video Conferencing

Video conferencing helps you pick-up on non-verbal cues during the meeting, so that no statement or message is ever misinterpreted or misconstrued. Video conferencing helps you feel as if you’re meeting face to face in the same room.

Yes. GlobalMeet Collaboration is a secure and reliable video conferencing solution that delivers a superior experience. 

GlobalMeet products are built with the security of our customers and their data in mind. We keep our solutions secure, fast, responsive and reliable and create efficiencies through back-end service automation. The network, hardware, software, personnel and facilities are all optimized to protect the integrity of meetings. 

You can start your video conference call with a single click via a browser or app. Once the meeting is initiated, you can select the video icon on the bottom of the screen to enable your camera.

Click on the meeting link for instant access to the video conference call. When you’re ready, you can click the video icon located at the bottom of the screen to share your video.

Yes, you can share your screen or saved file presentation while you are also sharing your webcam.

There is no additional cost for video conferencing. Plus with our Basic plan, you can experience best-in-class collaboration and video conferencing free of charge. Find the plan that’s right for you.

24×7 support is available in our Standard, Premium and Enterprise plans. For more questions, please visit our support site

Seeing (and Hearing) is Believing:

Take the next step and start meeting in a truly meaningful way with GlobalMeet Collaboration’s free web-conferencing application. Let us help you think outside the box and collaborate in a whole new way. Web conference calls with our Basic Plan – what’s not to like?