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3 Tips for Using a Managed Event Service

Meetings happen every day in the business world. Most of us have even had the opportunity to host a few of our own. Generally, meetings are pretty easy to manage effectively.

However, sometimes we are expected to host meetings that are extremely important. Events such as Quarterly Earnings Calls, Press Events, Corporate Announcements and others usually fall into this category. For these types of meetings, you usually want some extra assistance and resources to help ensure a flawless execution.

Do you not have much experience working with a managed event service? Not a problem. Here are three tips that will help you when using this service. 

  1. Before your call

As soon as you schedule your meeting with a managed event service, you will be assigned to your personal event expert who will take care of all of the details from beginning to end.  You may want someone to coordinate rehearsals before the call or drive interaction through an operator-managed Q&A. No matter how you choose to customize your event, an experienced event expert will be able to walk you through it.

  1. During your call

By the time your call begins, you have already spent plenty of time with your event expert and everything should be in place. During your meeting, your event expert will be able to provide a professional and secure experience for all of your meeting guests. The expert makes sure all attendees are greeted upon entering the call and keep all of your information secure with the latest encryption technology security features.

  1. After your call

After your call, your event expert will continue to provide any necessary follow-up services you wish to have. Demographic information of the attendee list, professional grade recordings or even a full transcript of the call can be arranged.

It’s important to select a high-quality, reliable managed event service to ensure everything goes as planned. PGi’s dedicated event experts have managed hundreds of high-touch audio events for some of the world’s largest companies. Our event managers have years of experience helping customer personalize their events and taking care of all the details.

Would you like to know more about PGi’s expert event management and learn how PGi works with you every step of the way? Click here to read more information, of go ahead and connect with a meeting expert today.

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