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GlobalMeet® offers comprehensive communication and event solutions for every business need. Whether you need a solution for large interactive events or online meetings, we have you covered. 

Everything you need to make your
online events and meetings successful

GlobalMeet helps businesses around the world host online events and meetings. We offer solutions for live streaming, screen sharing, audio, web and video conferencing that are secure and easy to use. 


Live Streaming

With GlobalMeet Webcast, live streaming flawless events are easy, whether you’re hosting a town hall, corporate training, conference, sales webcast or other high-profile events. GlobalMeet Webcast is so much more than just a live streaming solution, you can stream on-demand and simulated-live content too.

Meetings and Conferencing

Use GlobalMeet Collaboration when you need easily to join or host an online meeting. Attendees can join using the device of their choice and experience quality audiovideoweb and screen sharing capabilities. 


Host powerful, interactive online events and webcasts that engage your prospects, employees, customers and partners around the world.


When you need to give an important presentation online, turn to GlobalMeet Collaboration for a professional experience from start to finish. With GlobalMeet Collaboration’s flexible presentation functionality, you can present with the device of your choice: desktop, tablet or mobile phone. 

Hive Streaming

Need to internally scale video distribution within your company? Check out our Hive Streaming integration that helps you broadcast video content without impacting internal networks.

Video Conferencing

GlobalMeet Collaboration provides true convenience so that you can meet when you want and how you want. Enable your webcam for video conferencing anywhere in the world, on any device. 

Audio Conferencing

GlobalMeet Collaboration features world-class audio conferencing services. With a reliable, HD audio network, you’ll never have to worry about poor audio connections again. GlobalMeet Collaboration makes it easy to connect. 

Web Conferencing

Use GlobalMeet Collaboration when you need a web conferencing solution that allows you to meet online, host web conference calls, present materials, collaborate on projects, perform live demos, whiteboard from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Screen Sharing

Stop having audio-only conference calls and take advantage of GlobalMeet Collaboration’s screen sharing software. You can share your screen while using video and even use audio from your desktop.

Connect with GlobalMeet

With GlobalMeet’s comprehensive communication and event solutions, you can create meaningful connections with people anywhere, while improving efficiency and reducing costs. What are you waiting for?