Not Your Average Virtual Presentation Tool

Looking to take your virtual presentations to the next level? GlobalMeet® Collaboration’s online presentation tools make sharing content and slides easy. With no downloads or plugins needed to join a meeting, you can start your presentations on-time, every time.

Presentations Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device.

With GlobalMeet Collaboration’s flexible presentation functionality, you can present with the device of your choice: desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. GlobalMeet Collaboration is perfect for entrepreneurs, sales professionals, marketers and IT professionals in the office or on the go.

Virtual Meetings, Customized for You

Improve your virtual meeting experience with GlobalMeet Collaboration’s easy-to-use virtual presentation tools. Customize your presentation experience to meet your needs.

Virtual Team Meetings

Keep remote employees in the loop and connected with face-to-face meetings


Share your screen to present live demos of your products and services

Online Presentations

Share slides, documents and other content for an engaging online presentation.

Screen Sharing

Make your presentations more impactful with screen sharing capabilities. Perform a live demo or share information in real-time. You can also pass your guests control to share their own screen. With high-resolution output and zero latency issues, your presentations will stand out.

Auto Record

One of the best presentation tools is the ability to record your online meetings. Attendees can view recorded material on-demand in case they missed a meeting or need a refresher on what was said. Cloud-based storage helps accessing your recordings that much easier.

Slide Assist

With interactive presentation tools, you can share files or slides with your attendees. Improve your presentation interaction by emailing your presentation files or allowing them to download the file within your presentation. With GlobalMeet Collaboration, you can share your files and slides from a tablet or mobile phone, so that you can present even when you’re on the go.

Experience GlobalMeet Collaboration's
Online Presentation Tools

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