Meticulous Collaborator

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Meticulous Collaborator

Collaboration technology is your best friend when it comes to connecting and managing small internal workgroups in disparate locations. For you, security is mission critical as it relates to your collaboration tool needs. It’s important to keep sensitive information safe, in a controlled and confidential environment. And, although you know what’s happening in the world of technology, you tend to take the “wait and see” approach to adopting new business technologies.

Meticulous Collaborators tend to work in professional services, administrative or Human Resources roles or in the legal industry.

As a collaborator, you’re headed in the right direction! Here are a few PGi resources to keep your momentum going.

Do you know the Collaborator Personalities you're working with?

Casual Collaborator
Practical Collaborator
Savvy Collaborator
Meticulous Collaborator
Progressive Collaborator

Taking the Collaborator Personality quiz is all about you and how you collaborate! However, PGi can also create a complimentary, custom Diagnostic Survey that can be shared with your entire office or team to help you gain a better understanding of the collaborator mix within your organization.

The PGi Collaboration Diagnostic Survey will share insights about how your team collaborates and will help you determine segment-specific collaboration needs and priorities for your business.

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