The Clear Choice for Audio Conferencing

GlobalMeet® Collaboration provides high-quality audio conferencing services so that you can instantly connect and make audio conference calls from anywhere in the world.

On-the-Go Audio for the Modern Workplace

GlobalMeet Collaboration’s audio conferencing services allow you to join or host a meeting in seconds, whether you’re in the office or on the go. With one-click meeting access, you’ll never miss a call again. Use the flexible desktop or mobile application and benefit from a consistent user experience, regardless of device. Our audio conferencing services are designed to be frictionless. Get ready to say goodbye to downloads and passcodes and hello to a better audio experience.

Reliable, Audio Conferencing Capabilities

Call My Phone

Connect to audio even easier with the Call My Phone feature.​

Invite Participants

Quickly add attendees by phone during your audio conference calls.​

Audio Options

Dial-in to your audio conference call by internet (VoIP) or phone.​


Record conference calls to playback and share at your convenience.​

Large Capacity

Start or join free audio conference calls with up to 125 participants without losing quality.​

Call Management

Start, schedule and join meetings from the desktop app, Outlook Toolbar or a mobile device.

Global Audio Access

Experience HD audio across 160 points of presence and 60+ countries worldwide.​

Mobile Apps

Join audio conference calls on the go with a consistent experience across devices.​

Crystal-clear Audio

With GlobalMeet Collaboration’s robust audio conferencing services, you can schedule and host calls easily and for free. Looking for a free way to check out GlobalMeet’s powerful collaboration capabilities? Look no further, free audio conferencing plans are just a click away.

Instantly Connect with VoIP

GlobalMeet Collaboration features reliable and high-quality VoIP audio. Designed with noise cancellation technology, the VoIP technology suppresses background noise for a better audio conferencing experience. With superior audio clarity and audio separation, you can better understand who’s talking during your meeting. Stop suffering from noisy calls. Start using GlobalMeet Collaboration for audio conferencing with VoIP.

Integrations to Enhance the Way You Work

Gain a better meeting experience by integrating GlobalMeet Collaboration with Microsoft Teams for an extensive and cohesive collaboration experience. Interested in learning more? Reach out to our sales team. 

What is Audio Conferencing?

Audio conferencing allows multiple people to connect on a single conference call. Participants can connect by phone or VoIP from anywhere in the world. Attendees may enter phone numbers and audio conferencing passcodes, or participants can have the meeting call their phone for instant access. Audio conferencing is now often integrated with video and web conferencing in a single solution like GlobalMeet Collaboration.

The Difference Between Video & Web Conferencing?

Web conferencing takes your audio conference calls to the next level with screen sharing functionality. Participants can share their screen, enable remote desktop control, record meetings and use in-application chat for a truly collaborative experience.

Video conferencing is very similar to web conferencing with one major difference – turning on a webcam or video room system lets you speak virtually face to face. Video conferencing lets participants from anywhere in the world feel like they are communicating in person.

Frequently Asked Questions About Audio Conferencing

GlobalMeet Collaboration lets you host audio conference calls for up to 125 people as part of our Basic plan.

After you initiate or join a call, the application prompts you to choose how you want to connect. With three easy options, you can connect by VoIP, dial-in by phone or even have the meeting call you.

Of course you can! GlobalMeet Collaboration allows you to have an audio-only conference call or you can choose to share your screen by clicking on the monitor icon during your meeting.

There are a variety of plans available depending on your business need. Our Basic Plan is free. Yes, you read that right. Our Basic plan gets you up and running fast, so that you can start making free audio conference calls today. With comprehensive packages, we’re sure you’ll find the plan that’s right for you.

Take advantage of our 24/7 live phone and chat support with our Standard plan. Visit for additional questions and support. 

It’s Free. It’s Clear. It’s GlobalMeet Collaboration Audio.

Experience better meetings with GlobalMeet Collaboration’s free audio-conferencing service. Our enterprise-grade audio network provides the best, most reliable HD audio quality for your conference calls, regardless of device. You deserve more out of your audio-conferencing service, so make the switch to GlobalMeet Collaboration today. It’s free to get started, so what are you waiting for?

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