PGiConnect® — Empower Your Employees with a Superior Meeting Experience

Choppy audio quality? Slow broadband? Dropped internet calls? Put an end to online meetings frustrations with PGiConnect® audio integration.

PGi’s first PGiConnect® offering is designed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. You and your guests can now call in to an online meeting or conference, from any desk or mobile phone, using local, toll-free and international access numbers provided by PGiConnect®.

Pay as You Use — No Monthly Licence

The PGiConnect® pay-as-you-use model is unique in the market.
  • PGiConnect® provides international and domestic access numbers with global coverage
  • No disruption of current service occurs as existing conference numbers are retained
  • Flexible billing options and usage reporting enables better control of call costs
  • No monthly license means you only pay for what is used
  • Dedicated 24/7 live operator support is included for in-call troubleshooting

Why Do I Need Audio Integration with Teams?

Having an independent audio service ensures your call continues regardless of platform or local network issues. A carrier-redundant, proactively monitored global network ensures technical issues are addressed before they have an impact.

Who Else is Using It?

75% of the global Fortune 100 companies rely on PGi’s audio network. PGiConnect® leverages PGi’s proven audio legacy and infrastructure, ensuring maximum uptime and unmatched reliability.
PGi has the expertise, resources, and experience to build, offer, and support a unique and innovative audio integration into Teams.

PGiConnect® — Better connectivity. Better meeting experience. Better productivity.

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