The Perfect Pairing: GlobalMeet® & Dolby® Audio

Some things are just better together. GlobalMeet and Dolby audio are great on their own, but together they are one dynamic duo. You can experience the difference firsthand. Start hosting better meetings today with GlobalMeet Collaboration with Dolby Voice audio.

Crystal-clear Dolby Audio

“Can you hear me now?” These five words can stop a meeting before it’s even started. Thanks to end-to-end HD Dolby audio with GlobalMeet Collaboration, “can you hear me now” is a thing of the past. Dolby advanced audio functionality ensures that your conversations come through clear. When you choose GlobalMeet Collaboration with Dolby Voice you get a better meeting experience with crystal-clear Dolby audio, improved voice clarity, noise suppression and spatial voice separation. We can help you get rid of your meeting distractions and increase participation with Dolby advanced audio.

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What is Dolby Audio?

Dolby Voice is a breakthrough audio technology that’s integrated to GlobalMeet Collaboration for audio, web and video conferencing. Dolby Voice is the premier audio technology for business communications and conference calls.

How to Use Dolby Audio?

We’ve got great news. Using Dolby audio couldn’t be easier. You don’t have to do anything special to use Dolby Voice. When you sign up for any of GlobalMeet Collaboration’s packages, you’ll get Dolby Audio included for free.

Clear Audio Anywhere

GlobalMeet Collaboration with Dolby Voice features unparalleled voice clarity. The background noise suppression technology keeps audio levels consistent and minimizes background noise like dogs barking and city traffic, so all your attendees hear is your voice and not all the other noise around you. GlobalMeet Collaboration with Dolby Voice provides clear audio whether you’re in the office or on the go.

Natural Conferencing Experience

GlobalMeet Collaboration with Dolby Voice makes it easy to follow conversations. With Dolby audio’s spatial technology, conversations sound natural as if you were in-person. This spatial audio technology makes it easier to know who is speaking so that you can process what you’re hearing and follow the conversation better. With GlobalMeet Collaboration with Dolby Voice, you’ll always feel like you’re communicating in person even if your miles apart.

Increased Productivity & Collaboration

Quality audio can help increase your productivity and improve team collaboration. GlobalMeet Collaboration with Dolby audio allows all voices to be heard without any restrictions, so that it’s easy for participants to contribute to the conversation. With Dolby audio’s advanced technology, you’ll notice greater productivity during your meetings without overlapping conversation and sound delays.

GlobalMeet Collaboration with Dolby Audio

So, are you ready for better audio, collaboration and productivity? You can start meeting with Dolby Voice for free with GlobalMeet Collaboration. There is no cost to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dolby Voice

Dolby Digital audio is well-known audio for home theaters, broadcast and cinema surround sound. Dolby Voice, while created by the same company, focuses on audio for voice communication and conferencing.

No, all GlobalMeet Collaboration packages include Dolby audio at no additional charge. 

Spatial voice separation places voices in distinct locations around the listener, so conversations sound more natural.

When you start a meeting and connect audio, you’ll be using Dolby Voice. GlobalMeet Collaboration with Dolby Voice includes intuitive meeting controls that allow you to mute your audio line, so that you can control when you want to speak and when you don’t.

Currently only new customers of GlobalMeet Collaboration will include Dolby audio; however, we are working on migrating existing customers to Dolby Voice. For more information about migration plans, please contact your account executive or reach out to our support team.

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