Reimagining the Workplace with GlobalMeet®

GlobalMeet offers meeting and event solutions for the modern workplace. We offer webcasting, audio, web and video tools people use every day to get work done. 

Online Meetings, Events and Managed Services


Create professional webcasts for all of your virtual event needs and transform your online experience.

Operator Assist

Host flawlessly executed operator assisted meetings and events from beginning to end.


Host conference calls and online meetings with easy-to-use software from anywhere in the world.

Video Conferencing

Use GlobalMeet Collaboration’s video conferencing features to connect virtually with people face to face anywhere in the world.​

Live Streaming

GlobalMeet Webcast is so much more than just a live streaming solution, allowing you to stream on-demand and simulated-live content too. See how GlobalMeet Webcast can help you deliver better presentations and virtual events. 

Screen Sharing

With GlobalMeet Collaboration, sharing your screen is easy. Simply click on the computer screen and start screen sharing instantly. You have the option to share your full screen and navigate between programs, share a specific program or even share a saved file within the GlobalMeet platform. If another attendee needs to screen share, switching controls is seamless. 

Live Video Webcasting

Take advantage of the Hive Streaming integration for GlobalMeet Webcast so you can internally scale video distribution at your company. 

Fully Managed Audio Calls from Start to Finish

Use GlobalMeet Operator Assist for your managed conference calls and high-profile events. We offer scalable and customized solutions to accommodate just about any mix of requirements, with the added bonus of an operator on hand to troubleshoot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Unleash the Possibilities with GlobalMeet

Speak to a sales representative today and redefine the way you work.

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