The Gold Standard in Operator Assisted Conference Calls

 Your clients, investors and board members expect a hassle-free conference calling experience. Let our professional operators manage your important events and avoid the delays, disconnects and other persistent problems of typical conference calls.

Why Choose GlobalMeet Operator Assisted

Our event professionals personalize events based on your specific needs, from beginning to end. We take care of all the details so you can focus solely on your presentation and make a positive impression on your audience. 

With our Operator Assisted solution, you can reach participants anywhere in the world using our secure network. We even offer an Events Portal so you can schedule and manage your reservations. 

Do More in your Meetings with Operator Assist

High Event Capacity

Operator assisted calls can accommodate large, global audiences or just a few attendees. Regardless of your audience size, attendees will receive the same, professional experience.

Global Service

Share your message worldwide. With our advanced global audio network, events can be delivered across 160+ access numbers with toll-free service and 24/7 multilingual support.


Our operators personally welcome and validate attendees and ensure participants have joined the call securely. Operators can also remove unwanted guests during the event to protect sensitive information.

Slide Assist

Take your operator assisted conference calls one step further with eye-catching, easy-to-view visual aids. With the Slide Assist feature, you can share slides, collect live questions and more.


Capture attendee information from registration, participation and polling.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Enjoy best-in-class support from GlobalMeet’s award-winning event team. Available day and night, our event specialists are trained to maintain flawless calls from beginning to end.

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Fully Managed from Start to Finish

How our award-winning operator assisted specialists will ensure your event’s success:

Before Your Event

Rely on our experienced operators and have peace of mind that your event will go smoothly.

On the Call

Operators will be on your entire call to help manage engagement and increase participant satisfaction.

After Your Event

Make the most of your operator assisted call. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

GlobalMeet Operator Assisted Calls are the Choice for Flawless Events

Using GlobalMeet Operator Assist for managed conference calls means your high-profile meetings can be scaled and customized to accommodate just about any mix of requirements, with the added bonus of an operator on hand to troubleshoot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Choosing our operator assisted conferencing service enables you to focus on delivering quality content rather than worrying about the mechanics or logistics of the conference call.

Host Operator Assisted Conference Calls with Better Outcomes

Engage your audience using our crystal-clear communication free of distractions. Exceptional service and support for up to 15,000 participants anywhere in the world ensures a successful outcome for your most important events.

Get Started Today

Schedule your operator assisted conference calls with the GlobalMeet event specialists today and get flawless event execution from beginning to end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Operator assisted conference calls are audio conferencing events monitored and managed by a live operator. Also known as attended audio conferencing, this conference call service provides better meeting management for large events with enhanced control and productivity.

For more details on what an operator assisted call is, contact our event specialist. We’re here to help. 

Large conference calls or high-profile events can be complicated. Schedule operator assisted services to make your events easier. You need an operator assisted call if you:

  • Require professional care for your audio conference calls with capacity for up to 10,000 lines 
  • Want to provide your participants with a broadcast audio option, which allows them to listen to the web conference over the internet​
  • Need personalized operator services for a more polished experience, including operator-facilitated Q&A or additional in-event support 

Booking an operator assisted event is easy. To begin booking your event, sign in to the Events Portal and under Book an Event, click Start Now. This opens the online booking request form. 

Need additional help? Visit our support site and learn how to book a conference, send invitations and update your reservations. 

GlobalMeet Operator Assisted offers a number of additional features, including: 

  • Recordings: Record your conference for future reference, or if you plan to request a transcription of your conference. Available formats include downloadable file or call-in audio replay (playback via a dial-in number).
  • Reports: A variety of reports can be available depending on additional services booked for your conference, including participant list reports, polling reports, and call-in audio replay reports. 
  • Conference controls: A web-based console designed to help you manage your conference. Use conference controls to display attendee data in real time so you can see who has joined, send private instructions to the operator or other support team members, and screen and prioritize participants in the Q&A queue. 
  • Communication line: An additional, dedicated voice line between the operator and conference speakers. The communication line is used to coordinate the conference behind the scenes and is useful for coordinating meeting logistics. 
  • Click to Join: The easiest way for participants to join a conference. With Click to Join, there’s no need to dial-in. Instead, participants receive a dial out from our system and are instantly connected. 
  • Transcription: Receive a written copy of the audio after your conference. 

For a full list of all the features and pricing, please contact our event specialists

Online Events Portal for Customers

Already using GlobalMeet Operator Assisted? Schedule and manage reservations in the Events Portal. 

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