Webinar Software that Gets Everyone on the Same Page

Easy webinar setup with custom branding

Instant, one-click webinar access for attendees

Unlimited cloud storage for on-demand recordings

GlobalMeet® Webinar makes telling your story easy. Create engaging, professional webinars in a matter of minutes with our intuitive webinar software.

One Webinar Platform, Endless Possibilities

Let us help you communicate key messages to important audiences with the GlobalMeet Webinar platform. Our intuitive webinar software gives you the tools to easily schedule and manage webinars from start to finish. Transform your online events with GlobalMeet Webinar.

Lead Generation

Product Launches

Training Sessions

Company Announcements

Thought Leadership

Redefine Presentations with GlobalMeet Webinar

Extend your reach with GlobalMeet Webinar. Communicate with hundreds or more worldwide whenever you want with our easy-to-use webinar software. No travel costs. No on-site issues.

GlobalMeet Webinar saves you time, money and headaches. Login to your account and set up a webinar instantly. With GlobalMeet Webinar, webcam broadcasting and screen sharing is as easy as clicking a button. Our user-friendly webinar software allows presenters to easily record so the event can be shared as an on-demand link for those unable to attend a webinar live.

Features You Want with the Reliability You Need

Intuitive Scheduling​​

Create and schedule webinars in minutes with the easy-to-use setup wizard​

Instant Access

One-click event access for presenters and attendees

Marketing Automation

Seamlessly integrate with marketing automation software

Audience Engagement

Keep audiences engaged with robust features like polling, Q&A, chat and social feeds

HD Video and Audio

Present professional webinars with reliable, high-definition video and audio

Webinars On-Demand

Edit and repurpose recorded webinars for simulated live events or on-demand viewing

Comprehensive Reporting

Measure success with event analytics for email tracking, attendance, Q&A and polling

Customized Branding

Showcase your logo by creating custom emails, registration pages and a branded webinar experience.

Detailed Analytics. Better Reporting.

Understand your audience better with detailed webinar analytics and receive automatic notifications from the platform when your comprehensive event reports are ready. GlobalMeet Webinar software allows you to track participation and webinar activity so you can get instant feedback after your event.

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is an online event that takes presentations to the next level. Presenters can use video, audio and screen sharing to share information with large dispersed audiences and interact using polling, chat and surveys. With a browser connection, webinar attendees stream the content live or on-demand from any location or any device.

Choosing the Right Event Solution for You

Want to host online webinars but don’t know where to start or how to choose between GlobalMeet Webinar and GlobalMeet Webcast? Let’s break it down.

GlobalMeet Webinar is a great solution to start hosting online events and features self-service capabilities to get you up and running fast. If you’re looking to host more formal, orchestrated events with production support, GlobalMeet Webcast may be the solution for you. There’s no wrong choice, just great software.

Tips & Tricks to Create Engaging Webinars

Publicize your webinar with pre-event invitations and emails. With customizable branding elements, you can stay on brand 100% of the time.

Interact with your attendees by using polling and chat features within the webinar software. Keep the conversation going with an easy-to-manage Q&A session.

Record your webinars and build out a content library. Repurpose recorded webinars so that you can get the most out of your time and investment.

Record your webinars and build out a content library. Repurpose recorded webinars so that you can get the most out of your time and investment.

Want to learn more? Visit our Resource Center for more information on how to create and deliver effective webinars.

Seeing is Believing. Try GlobalMeet Webinar.

Whether you’re looking for easy-to-use webinar software or you need the ability to connect with a broader audience, we’ve got you covered! Contact us to setup a demo of GlobalMeet Webinar

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