10 Fun Presentation Ideas for a Killer Sales Pitch

Submitted by: Andrea Duke

Tired of the humdrum slide presentation? Prospects yawning while you yammer on about speeds and feeds? Ditch the status quo sales pitch for the 10 fun presentations ideas that will have your prospects ready for more.

1. 15 minutes. Tops. Want to really get your prospects out of the meeting sludge? Keep your meeting to 15 minutes and use video conferencing instead. That refreshingly short-and-to-the-point update will have you standing out from all the other guys who demand 1-hour, face-to-face snooze fests.

2. Gamify it. Using ice breakers, polling, badges and even social media integration gets your prospects in on the fun. After all, who doesn’t love games? But beware: think professional cool, not summer camp.

3. Think outside the slide box. If even slightly cooler PowerPoint slides don’t float your sales boat, look at some really cool alternatives, like Prezi, SlideRocket and SlideShare.

4. Use idea boards and get collaborative. If you’re sick of just dictating to your prospects and customers, idea boards are a great way to get them involved visually with brainstorming. Use magazine clippings, pictures, printed phrases and multicolored pins.

5. Use PowerPoint right. That’s right, you heard me. If you’re still just clicking through slides full of bullets, you need to get on board with PowerPoint’s full suite of capabilities, like embedding videos, custom animations, advanced templates, audio and more.

6. Get non-verbal. Non-verbal communication is up to 60% of interaction, so if you’re staring down at your computer during in-person meetings or just a voice on the end of the phone in a conference call, you’re sales presentation is only 40% of what it could be. Look up, move around, react strategically and, if attending remotely, turn on your webcam.

7. Appeal to the kid in them. You know how kids get fidgety if left without something to do for five minutes? Your prospects might be adults, but they’re suppressing the urge to twiddle, swivel, pick and stretch during a long meeting. Bring stress balls, fun candy (think rock candy, fun dip, skittles), mazes and slushies to the meetings to keep them active and engaged.

8. Bring in a corporate celebrity. Everyone loves a celebrity, especially a surprise celebrity sighting. If you have a big name in your company, like a CEO or media icon, bring them into a pivotal pitch without telling your prospect first to keep them on their toes and impressed.

9. Stop talking. Seriously. If you’re talking for longer than five minutes in any meeting, you’re doing it wrong. The best presentations are interactive, so think of engaging techniques to involve your prospects and customers in the presentation.

10. Leave a souvenir. This gives them something to remember you by, whether it’s a killer closing “hook,” a crazy price offer or a technicolor golf ball. Whatever it is, make it a signature item or move that only you do.

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