10 More Fun Presentation Ideas to Spice Up Your Meetings

Submitted by: Blakely Thomas-Aguilar

Here are 10 more fun presentation ideas to follow up with the demand from the first edition of 10 Fun Presentation Ideas to Spice Up Your Meetings.

Please share your favorite presentation ideas in the comments, and we’ll feature them in our next one!

1. 10 minutes, 1 idea.
The one-hour meeting is out, folks! Stop the slide fatigue and keep your presentations to 10 minutes and present only one idea and one slide during those 10 minutes.

2. Use real idea boards in real-time.

Instead of yet another PowerPoint deck, grab your old school corkboard, cut out some magazine clippings and pin ideas, words, phrases, images and action items to the board while you’re presenting.

3. Pause for effect.
This sounds pretty weird, but build strategic pauses into presentations every time you introduce a new element, whether it’s just a killer idea, powerful image on a slide or Prezi animation. Silence makes the ears grow fonder—and even awkward silence will encourage your audience to participate, not just spectate.

4. Puppies, kittens, sports and babies.
These four categories are the most viewed images in social media and advertising, Presentation-Ideas-Catso utilize their power in your presentation to get the laugh or sigh that you’re looking for.

5. Apps, apps, apps.
If you’re going to use PowerPoint, bundle other presentation apps into the meeting to help avoid slide fatique. Try Prezi, SlideRocket, SlideShare and even IM or in-meeting chat to keep the presentation fresh.

6. Implement wiggle room rules.
There’s nothing worse than being crammed in a too small conference room with too many people. Respect the bubble and always choose the conference room, online meeting, etc., that gives you room to add one or two attendees without discomfort.

7. Use @ and # during the meeting.
Social media is a unique tool for taking the meeting to the next level, making it more of an event than just another 30-minute status update. Give your teammates kudos and even start your own meeting hashtag to add a social interaction element.

8. Gamify it. 

Everyone loves games, so why not include them in your presentations? For big events, rent audience response systems that enable real-time feedback, polling and Q&A. For small meetings, play a few ice breakers and team building games during the meeting.

9. Give the headline and then sit down.
For brainstorming meetings, the host tends to do all the talking to get the ball rolling and then gets stuck in the “no one else is talking” rut. Instead, introduce the problem, need or idea and then say “Go.” Sit down and chime in only when absolutely necessary.

10. Give them a souvenir.
For every meeting, give your attendees something to remember the message. For face-to-face meetings, try a bookmark, picture or lucky penny. For online meetings, send them an Evernote link, YouTube video link or related image or .gif. After all, everyone loves presents.

You have potential to take your presentation to the next level by incorporating a few tips and tricks. Whether in person or virtual, these presentation ideas will help you keep your audience interested in engaged.

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