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10 Presentation Ideas to Help You Plan for Your Next Meeting

If you are planning a webinar, conference call, web conference or video conference, you need to know how to prepare for a meeting for the event to be a success. These planning and presentation ideas, for face-to-face or online meetings, will help you have better meeting management and better meetings.

1. What’s the number one rule that you absolutely must follow to keep your audience happy, engaged and productive? Stick to your time limit and don’t go over. If you can’t cover everything, schedule a second meeting, but don’t ask colleagues to stay late and turn a one-hour brief into an all-night discussion.

2. Off-topic discussions derailing your agenda? Keep your meeting on point by making a list of issues to discuss at a better time and setting up sidebars and additional sessions as necessary.

3. Don’t wait for late or missing attendees. Sticking to your start time helps ensure you can cover everything in your agenda. Make sure you have a note-taker on hand so absentees can catch up at their convenience, or record virtual meetings for later playback.

4. If you’re hosting an online meeting, be sure to log in to your meeting room early.

5. Avoid disconnect disasters by making sure your phone or laptop is charged before you enter an audio or web meeting.

6. Use your technology wisely. That viral video that freezes up every time? Sure, you can put it in a slide, but should you? Just because your conferencing solution is super-powered doesn’t mean you have to take advantage of every feature all at once. Design your presentations to suit your audience, not max out your software.

7. Don’t rely on slides to give your presentation for you. A good set of slides accentuates your topic and adds energy to your talk, but your own expertise is what really sells it.

8. Create an outline of your presentation, and you’ll have a better idea of exactly how much time you need, what kinds of visual support you can create and whether there’s any information your audience will need ahead of time.

9. Like a good party, a good meeting has a carefully thought-out guest list. Invite only those who really need to be there, and nobody who doesn’t. Stakeholders and people involved in decision-making are key players, while those without a primary role in your project will likely be just bored.

10. Meeting with internationally-based contacts? Don’t forget that your perfect afternoon meeting time might be their early morning last-few-minutes-of-sleep time. Plan meetings appropriately for global business hours and avoid rescheduling hassles using a free meeting planner tool, like Agenday.

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