21 Fun Presentation Ideas to Kick the Dull Out of Your Online Meetings

Fun presentation ideas alert! New eBook, The Little Black Book of Presentation Ideas, is your new go-to guide to kick the dull out of your presentations with 21 thrilling, daring and game-changing tricks.

Presentation skills and public speaking are vital for business success. But the “presentation paradox” afflicts businesses, webinars, and meetings everywhere. According to the eBook’s sources:

32% of audience members have fallen asleep during a boring presentation.
30% snuck out of a bad presentation at least once.
21% would rather do their taxes.

BUT… powerful presentations can transform your work and life:

  • Improved job performance
  • Visibility to decision makers
  • Career advancement
  • Peer leadership
  • Relationship building
  • Negotiation and success.

The eBook uses 21 amazing tactics, from Slides Done Right to The ‘IT’ Factor, to help business professionals everywhere thrill their audiences with engaging slide decks and some off-the-wall presentation skills.

To download the free eBook, which was featured by CNN Money and Fortune Magazine, go to: http://bit.ly/12triN2 or just click the button below!

Want to get in on the fun presentation ideas action? Post your idea on Twitter using #presentationskills @PGi or comment on PGi’s SlideShare “Fun Presentation Ideas” page. Your idea could be featured as tip #22 in the eBook.

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